A rustic-styled home has its own charm and appeal. And when it comes to pulling off this look for your entire space, you must also consider your kitchen. After all, it is the heart of your abode. Only then, your house will exude a cohesive, seamless appearance. Be it an old farmhouse-inspired or a modern-farmhouse-styled cooking area, the application of the right rustic kitchen ideas will transform your home into a warm, cozy space. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on functionality and utility. You can combine aesthetics with convenience when you allow your creativity to flow. And to help you further, today, we shall introduce you to our favorite country-inspired kitchen designs — which you can easily implement during your next kitchen remodel. So, here you go!

10 of Our Favorite Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Bathed in White

Did you think that white looks bland? Well, then, it is not the case with this charming farmhouse-inspired kitchen. With whitewashed timber flooring and wooden furniture — coupled with white cabinets, this room exudes countryside charm from all directions. Open shelves displaying matching utensils and a wicker basket show off the rustic vibes of the space in all its entirety.

Cabin in the Woods

cabin style kitchen


This rustic kitchen features walls that are made with wooden logs. Weathered wood ceiling beams and a wood floor are perfectly complemented with wood cabinets — letting in the feel of nature within your cooking space. Hanging light fixtures, a stainless steel range and hood add the finishing touches to this farmhouse style kitchen.

Stony Elegance

This rustic kitchen design comes with a hammered copper backsplash, surrounded by stone tiles. In fact, the huge range hood — which takes one complete wall — acts as the focal point of the French style kitchen. Dark wood cabinets, granite countertops, and metallic vases bring in the required rustic accents while fresh blossoms add some pops of colors to an otherwise darker layout.

A Bit Under the Weather

A home decorated with weathered wood highlights the ideal blend of the old with the new in the above set-up. Woody countertops and wooden cabinets are beautifully matched with dark wood chairs and a dining table. A separate shelf and door — made from weathered wood — echo the existing layout — complete with a big wrought-iron pot rack, hanging from a beam  of the sloped ceiling.

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Best of Both Worlds

The mix of modern and classic elements is one of the favorite rustic kitchen ideas among interior designers. When you first glance at this kitchen, you see polished black countertops and chalkboard walls. A recycled wood ceiling — with wood beams — lends a countryside vibe and clerestories and transoms allow ample flow of natural light. Rolling wood screens cast dynamic shadows during the daytime — completing the dreamy aura of this beautiful cooking space.

Accessories Can Never Go Wrong!

The choice of accessories can make or break the design of rooms, especially country kitchens. You can accessorize your kitchen with a colored, wooden kitchen island. Decorate it with flower vases and matching elements like a wooden cutting board. Get twig-style furnishings such as wicker baskets — to double up as storage units — and also add to the farmhouse charm. Go a step ahead and install exposed beams on your kitchen ceiling. We bet when you play around with different tips and tweaks, you can never go wrong!

Warmth by the Fire

kitchen fireplace


This arrangement has truly topped the list of our rustic kitchen ideas in all respects. Emitting warmth and glow, a real wood-burning fireplace brings back the days-gone-by and pays homage to our ancestors. Other options include adding an heirloom stove or wood-cook stove — which combine looks with functionality. What could be better than baking and cooking on an open flame while inhaling the aroma of fresh bread dough?

Prim and Proper

rustic kitchen


Adding sharp, defined edges on the wooden center table, cabinetry, and furniture is another one of our shortlisted rustic kitchen ideas. What’s more? Antique elements such as copper and clay utensils and a grandfather’s clock complete this country-style cooking space.

Saying it With Paint

Rustic kitchens need not only be covered with bare wood. Why not consider painting them? Check out how in the above design, the homeowner has painted the furniture in country- and nature-inspired blue and brown shades. Other colors that you can consider are greens and barn-red.

Also, see the hanging iron pot rack above the kitchen island. With dangling copper pots and pans from the ceiling, this is a wonderful idea. You can add your own creativity to carve out such racks. Consider refurbishing old, unused window frames, a barn ladder, or a huge piece of driftwood and hang it from the ceiling with chains.

Rustic Minimalism

Simplicity meets sophistication in this minimalistic rustic kitchen. Plain wooden furniture and black countertops are the only natural components in this space. However, ample light flowing in from the huge window at one end makes up for the absence of ornamentation. If your house is small, then this is a practical idea for you to execute.

Wherever you stay, you can embrace the cozy country life with these wonderful rustic kitchen ideas. Country style homes can be achieved by simply adding nature-inspired elements such as wood, stone, accessories, colors, and maybe a wood-burning stove. Create this inviting and warm ambiance and do let us know which tip would you be using in your next kitchen remodel!

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