Having a dog as a pet can be a lot of work. They’re definitely not the cleanest pets, and when you don’t take enough care, things can get really messy. Hair shedding, muddy paws, dirt, debris, bacteria, and germs are just the tip of the problem. To live a sanitary and healthy life with a dog, it’s important to have good hygiene practices and some strict boundaries in your home.

But don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place for your cleaning woes.  We’re bringing you 10 super smart ways to keep your home spotless when you own a dog. So keep reading and thank us later!

1. Regular Cleaning is Key

Vacuum Carpet Cleaner


Hard flooring is easy to clean and keep hair-free. However, in the case of having carpets, you need a good vacuum cleaner that is pet-friendly and powerful enough for a thorough clean. You also need to get a quality carpet cleaner to truly get it sanitized and smelling fresh.

Carpets should be vacuumed regularly to avoid the build-up of shedded hair. You should also sweep and mop hard floors every day. Don’t leave out the throws, curtains, and soft furnishings either. For such cases, a robot vacuum cleaner will come in super handy.  

Robot cleaners can actually operate automatically and be programmed to run on a schedule as well.  You can even keep them running all night or when you’re going out. Similarly, lint rollers can be used to tackle places that are hard to reach These come in handy, especially when you’re short on time.

2. Keep Your Pet’s Things Separate  

In terms of a clean house, keeping your pet’s things separately will make your life very easy. Instead of having your dog’s belongings lying here and there all over the house, dedicate an area and some cupboards to store their things in.

Be it bedding, leads, or crates, keeping them separate and concealed will make a less cluttered and more sanitary surrounding. Simply placing a few baskets at convenient locations to place your dog’s toys will make all the difference.

Also, practices like washing their bowls and your dirty dishes together are not hygienic at all. And you don’t want slobber and food all over the house so it’s best to have one specific food corner.

3. Keep Germs At Bay

dog licking face


Dogs jumping up to lick your face can seem cute to a bystander, but in reality, it’s not. Dog owners are all too familiar with this predicament.

Canine mouths harbor all sorts of germs and bacteria. Not to alarm you or anything, but some of these germs and bacteria even reside in feces. But what can you do when all your furry companion wants to do is lick your face?

Well, first of all, train your dog to stop doing this. The slobbery kisses can spread germs and cause illness to you and your family. Similarly, letting them crash on your bed can also be problematic.

If your dog is not groomed properly, they can bring in fleas, bacteria and all sorts of muck on their coats and spread it right where you sleep.

4. Clean Hands and Paws

It’s common knowledge to wash your hands after you’ve handled your dog. Whether you were cleaning them or picking up their bags of poo, you must always wash your hands afterward.

Making this into a habit will benefit you greatly. Before eating or after you’ve played with your dog, always follow up with washing your hands. With that being said, you should also train your dog to wipe their paws on the doormats before coming indoors.

If you can achieve this, you’ll be minimizing the number of germs getting into your house. Make sure to get a good quality mat and place it outside and a washable rug inside the door. These two items will help trap in a lot of debris.

5. Grooming Sessions   

dog grooming


Grooming sessions are very important if you want to keep your home clean. Even if your dog has short hair, it’s just as important to groom them.

Grooming will not only keep your house clean, but it will ensure that your dog’s skin stays in good condition. It will reduce the amount of dead hair and skin being shed around your entire house.

Some dogs will need daily brushing while others need it weekly. Whatever it is, make sure you follow through with it. This will help you save a lot of time when you’re cleaning up.

6. Cover Everything Up

There are a few spots your furry friend must have already claimed as theirs. For those spots, you can throw a cover over them to reduce cleaning your carpets or furnishings so frequently.

Keep some separate sheets at hand so that you can swap them out in emergencies. This will protect your furniture and carpets from stains, unpleasant odors, and dog hair.

The sheets can be cleaned easily and used frequently, so use them to protect your belongings.

7. Pay Special Attention When Handling Food

dog food bowl (1)


When you own a dog, shedded hair, dead skin, and muck will spread everywhere. It doesn’t matter that your dog doesn’t even reach the counters and tables. You’ll find their presence in every surface available. 

The spot that should be clean is where you feed your dog. The area around the food bowl is always a mess. Dribbled water and bits of dog food can get really dirty if not cleaned up in time.

In order for you to keep things clean, start by wiping down the surfaces with cleaning spray or hot water. Disinfect your counters and other surfaces regularly. Especially before you start to cook.

To limit the mess around your dog’s food bowl, get a rimmed tray and place it under the bowl. This is a smart and easy way to catch and contain the mess and helps plenty with the clean-up afterward.

8. Wash Your Dog and its Belongings

Although baths are important, dogs don’t need them on a regular basis. Frequent baths will make them lose the natural oils in their coats which can be drying and irritating for their skin.

So, how do you know when your dog needs a bath?

Well, it’s easy – if your hand smells after petting your dog, it’s time for a wash. And of course, if they are noticeably dirty, they need a bath.

Another smart way to keep everything clean is by throwing in your dog’s bedding, blankets, sheets, throw rugs, and washable toys into the washing machine at the same time you’re giving them a bath.

dog bath


Not only will your dog be clean, but their belongings will also be clean and fresh for use. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone!

9. Invest in Durable Materials

If you want your carpets and furniture to last through the dirt and clawing, then it’s time to change your decor to more durable and sturdy materials.

Make use of indoor and outdoor rugs. They can’t be easily torn because they have a low pile. They are also easy to clean, just hose them down outside and you’re good to go.

Start using stain-resistant fabrics in places where your dog visits the most. They can limit the dirt from spreading and are easy to clean as well.

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10. Control the Fleas

Nobody wants a flea infestation in their house. Those things are not easy to deal with. With all the extra sprayings, combings, flea baths, and daily vacuuming, you won’t have time to rest.

It’s a constant cycle of cleaning and it can be exhausting. The only possible way to avoid a flea infestation is to try and stay on top of it. Remind yourself to use flea preventions and change flea collars. 

Take them to the vet and get them checked out as well. Make use of your calendar to mark down dates or use your smartphone to give you a reminder. The key is to prevent it from ever happening.

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Final Thoughts

Maintaining a clean home with a dog requires a lot of patience. It will test you and there will be days where you’ll want to give up. The important thing to remember is that your efforts will keep your family healthy, along with your dog.

You should develop a regular cleaning routine and train your dog accordingly. Also, definitely consider trying out some of our tips and see the changes for yourself.

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