Christmas is finally around the corner! Twinkling lights, beautiful wreaths, charming stockings, and fresh mistletoe — the cheerfulness that each of these elements brings, entwines with your Christmassy spirit. Indeed, decorating your porch or yard during this festive season is as exciting as opening your presents in the morning. Creative touches on the outside of your home shall make your abode seem welcoming to your guests. So today, we bring you 11 of the most pretty outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that shall surely take your breath away!

1. What about a second tree?

outdoor christmas treePhoto by Nicolas Huk on flickr

Placing a twinkling Christmas tree indoors is a norm, true. But what about a second one? If your house has the required layout, then keep one on the porch, yard, or stairway. Try to decorate it with weather-resistant ornaments so that it lasts all throughout the season.

2. Hang some sparkling string lights

christmas lightsPhoto by Jonathunder [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], from Wikimedia Commons

Hang some colorful string lights all the way down from the roof. Tiny white lights are pretty popular and they give the feel of chilly winters. But, you can also play around with colors for a more festive look. Another idea is to bathe your home in a golden glow with garlands surrounded with Christmas LED lights. If your house has many windows, a well-lit interior will radiate a warm gleam visible from the outdoors —  rending a welcoming ambiance from the front yard.

3. Get creative with your front door

christmas door decorationsPhoto by ProFlowers on flickr

Deck your front door with a magnolia leaf wreath and garland. You can also add striking ornaments in bright tones of red, silver, and gold to give pops of different shades. Stack some gifts wrapped with craft paper against the door for a picture perfect finish. What about adding a faux white reindeer surrounded by green leaves and branches? Deck it with some bright red berries or colorful ribbons. And there you are!

4. Use some killer yard decorations ideas

christmas yard decorationsPhoto by ProFlowers on flickr

You can extend your Christmas decorations from your porch to the yard as well.  Do you have some plywood handy? Then make few gingerbread men and place them outside. Utilize scrap pallet to construct a simple tree and decorate it with ornaments and LED Christmas lights. Or make some glowing presents out of gift paper, ribbons, and lights to render a soft gleam to your yard. You can even go for grapevine yard ornaments, which are simply woven balls filled with lights. It is even better if you have pine trees in your backyard. Decorate them with resistant, monochrome ornaments so that they don’t wear down due to the weather.

5. Display shiny lanterns on the front porch

porch lanternsPhoto by pxhere

Stuff in your lanterns with gleaming trinkets and line them on your front porch.  You can even top the lanterns with ribbons and fraser fir. Do you have a glass vase at home? Simply layer it with faux snow and fake or real berries. Place a pillar candle and you are all set to go. Align them over your fir bundles along the walkway and get ready to win the admiration of your visitors.

6. Decorate the windows, pillars, and door frame

christmas window decorationsPhoto by pixabay

One creative idea is to wrap your pillars in striking white lights. You can similarly outline the door as well. Decorate your windows with wreaths for added appeal. Consider adding seasonal greenery to your outdoor planters  as well. One idea is to fill a white planter with decorative candy canes for a unique holiday look.

7. Recreate the nativity-themed decor

outdoor nativity setPhoto by maxpixel

The classic theme of the nativity scene is a decor idea that can also be extended to your front yard or porch. The holy family, wise men, shepherds, and animal figures can be surrounded with beautifully illuminated angels. You can even place these angels in every window of your home, to give an ethereal look to your home

8. Play with symmetry

christmas ornamentsPhoto by ProFlowers on flickr

Try to keep your decor symmetrical for a more refined statement. Use your walkway as a guiding point, while moving outwards with matching wreaths and garlands. Christmas trees are traditional holiday symbols. Why not create a forest of different styled, pre-lit Christmas trees  and place them strategically along your yard?  Put lighted gifts under the trees for added cheer and fun. You can also put glowing mini trees in pots or urns on either side of your front walkway or porch.

9. Get creative with your porch

christmas wreathphoto by pxhere

A minimalist decor with a wreath with bright red pops over a wooden railing makes this porch look so grand! Now, if you have sheltered porch corners, lay out an impressive display of candles and greenery. You can even place a small table with a patterned holiday towel, pretty candles, birch branches, wreaths, and pinecones.

10. Did you forget the mailbox?

christmas mailboxPhoto by Michael Coghlan on flickr

Give a hearty welcome to your guests by adding a cheerful touch to your mailbox. A few pine leaves over a wire, along with  red accents and pinecones, is all that is required.

11. Recreate Santa’s workshop

santa's workshopPhoto by Goodshoped35110s [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Bring home a lighted Santa, reindeers, polar bears, penguins, and candy canes. Use these items to recreate the Santa workshop look. Add some inflatable snow men or toy soldiers and line them on your walkway or porch.

Whether you go for minimalist decorations or take measures to decorate every inch of your outdoors, remember –  outdoor Christmas decorations shall reflect your taste. Therefore, think carefully and do the appropriate research to decide with theme matches your style and budget.

There are so many decor items available in the market. You will surely get what you are looking for. And Christmas is always about making lasting memories. So, get together with your friends and family and decorate your porch and yard together. With so many ideas pouring in, you are bound to have the most beautiful home in the neighborhood.

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