Mirrors give the illusion of a window reflecting both natural and artificial light, making the room appear bigger and brighter. The reflections allow light to bounce around your room opening up the space. Are you stuck with a blank wall in your space? Mirrors just might be the perfect fix!

1. Fake a Window

big mirror

Mirrors shaped like windows trick the eye into thinking the space is larger and brighter than it actually is. Place them near or opposite of a window to reflect light. If your home lacks adequate light and windows, these paned mirrors can imitate the feel of a window. Even though they won’t actually let in natural light, they give the room the open and airy feeling the way a real window would.

A farmhouse foyer features this bronze windowpane mirror and rustic console table. Love this look?

2. Oversized Floor to Ceiling Mirrors

Position a large mirror (at least three-fourths as tall as the wall) in the room to reflect a specific focal point. Instead of hanging it up, place it on the floor and rest it up against the wall. You can secure a leaning mirror to the wall with a hook if you have little ones running around! Large mirrors also reflect light to open up your space, making it feel DOUBLE its actual size! (Shhhh…A classic interior design trick that the pros use to add instant square footage.)

Make sure your mirrors will reflect a nice feature of the room and not your ceiling fan or TV.

Floor length mirrors make any space feel taller and their long shape draws the eye up. Place them behind a grouping of furniture or out on their own.

This tall leaning mirror pulls double duty as both mirror & artwork in a small living room that could benefit from more light. Notice how we also selected light colored furniture and a leggy, glass coffee table to make the room feel more spacious.

 3. Mirrors Above the Sofa

Mirror in sofa

The area above the sofa can be a tricky space to decorate. If quality artwork is cost prohibitive, a mirror is often a good alternative. It’s an easy way to brighten up your space and once again, makes the room feel larger and more spacious. One oversized traditional rectangle frame is a simple and chic way to fill the empty space above the sofa, while adding light and dimension into the space!

Round or oval mirrors are also a great way to style the wall space above your sofa and provide a nice contrast to the straighter lines of your sofa and accent tables.

Mix and match different shapes and sizes for a more eclectic look. A mix of mirrors, or mirrors combined with artwork will give your space a unique look and feel.

Now you have 3 quick and easy ways to make your space appear bigger and brighter with mirrors!

Happy Decorating!

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Kairi Gainsborough
Kairi Gainsborough

The mirrors in the picture are so pretty! I love the way they brighten up the rooms they are in. My husband and I want to get a large mirror to hang over our couch in the living room. I am hoping that it might make the small, dark room look a little less cramped. I agree that a single, rectangular mirror is a chic way to decorate the space above the couch.

Larry Weaver
Larry Weaver

I love the idea to fake a window by using a mirror. My living room has an empty space on the wall that is driving me crazy. Pictures are too small to really make me happy with that space, so I think that getting a mirror that I could use as a fake window would be perfect for what I envision.

Amanda Drew
Amanda Drew

My husband and I have recently bought a fairly small house, and we want to make it look and feel bigger. So I like how you say that you can brighten up your space and make it feel more spacious by putting an oversized traditional frame above your couch. We’ll have to find a mirror to do that with and find other places to put some more mirrors in.