Home pest control need not be an elaborate and daunting procedure. You can keep your home pest free with some simple home improvement techniques. Here are 5 such effective tips which you can easily incorporate to keep those unwanted pests out of your home.

1. Put Up Screens

Screens are a great way to enjoy natural ventilation without letting pests such as fleas and mosquitoes into your home. Install screens in the doors and windows of your home. The installation is relatively simple and you can do it easily with few basic tools. Remember that bugs and other pests can sneak into your home through holes or tears in these screens. So if the screens are torn from edges or have holes in them, change them immediately.

2. Seal the Cracks, Vents, and Pipes

Inspect all the doors and windows of your home for cracks or gaps. Begin your examination from the exteriors. A young mouse can easily fit through a crack or gap which is large enough for a pencil to fit in. Use cement or mortar to patch masonry walls and foundations. If the wood in the frames is rotten, replace it. You can also use caulk to seal the small cracks and gaps. It is easy to apply, cheap and can go a long way in keeping the bugs out. Also, all the pipes, vents and crawlspaces which are no longer in use should be sealed with appropriate filler materials and adhesives which are designed to keep the pests out.

3. Get Rid of the Clutter

Follow a daily cleaning schedule so that clutter does not pile up in and around your home. Regular vacuuming of furniture and floors in your home will ensure complete removal of traces of food which may attract pests. Cleaning your pantry, fridge and freezer periodically will eliminate food spills and scraps which are a tempting midnight snack for rats and cockroaches. Get rid of the stuff which is of no use to you. Pests such as bedbugs and spiders hide and thrive amidst the clutter.

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4. Ensure That No Trash Is Exposed

Bugs will definitely find a way to exposed trash present in and around your home. The garbage cans are like treasure troves for pests such as cockroaches. Right from proper storage to handling, trash should never be left exposed. You should be careful enough to regularly clean and sanitize all the interior and exterior trash receptacles and recycling bins.

Restrict the storage of food waste to the kitchen bins. Similarly, compost bins should always be kept closed with a lid and should be lined with hardwire cloth for extra protection against bugs. Always remember to remove fully composted material every three to six months.

 5. Maintain Your Garden

flower backyard

A well-maintained garden is important to eliminate any chances of pest infestation. Inspect the garden area to identify the spots in which water accumulates easily. Such areas can easily become the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Aerating the lawn can solve this problem as the process of aeration allows the soil to better absorb water naturally. Another reason for water accumulation might be poor drainage which is connected to the slope of the Earth. You can easily resolve this by leveling the land with dirt yourself or by having the yard regraded professionally. Other simple measures include keeping your pool water filtered and chlorinated even when it is not in use, changing the water in the bird bath or fountain regularly and cleaning the drainage channels regularly so that they are free of grass clippings, debris, and leaves.

These simple and effective tips will surely help to keep your home pest free. Follow them up with regular inspections of your home and surroundings for any warning signs of pest presence. These simple measures will save you a lot of expensive repairs due to pest infestation.

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All housing units apartments in Rochester NY howe management has bed bugs I rented from them two years they evicted me no Court nothing I cited bugs they half treated the unit I reside in


I like your tip about eliminating food scraps around the house. That makes sense considering you want to get rid of all reasons for pests to come to your home. I’ll have to consider your tips so that I can extinguish the ant problem accumulating in our living room.