Upgrading the exterior of your home is just as important as remodeling the interior. It may take time and effort, but modernizing the landscape is an excellent way to boost curb appeal. Keeping up with current trends in the yard will mirror efforts made elsewhere in your home. And, creating an outdoor space that reflects the interior makes for a cohesive environment.

Consider these five landscaping trends that increase the value of your home in your yard this year.

Choose the Right Lawn

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You have plenty to do already. You don’t need a high-maintenance lawn that requires constant watering and weeding and fertilizing because it’s not right for your area or terrain. Get to know which grass varieties thrive in your home’s location. Choosing the best grass types for your lawn is an integral part of making the lawn look great. Popular warm-season grass types include Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass. Bluegrass and perennial ryegrass are among the most common cool-season grass types. Each has a different texture and growth pattern as well as a recommended height to keep it at. Knowing what your lawn needs is important in keeping maintenance low.

Less Can Be More

less is more


Don’t be afraid to start new with your garden by taking out plants that aren’t thriving. Start small, choose native plants that love the climate you’re in, and won’t need much care or watering. Leave enough space around younger plants for future growth. One simple way to make landscaping look great (quickly) is to add organic mulch, like bark dust, around the plants for a fresh look.

If your home already had a lot of landscaping before you moved in, consider taking the time to learn more about those plants that surround your home. Knowing how to prune plants and spot common diseases and pests are essential skills to have. Take out any overgrown weeds or plants that are choking out others in the yard to create more balance.

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Add Outdoor Seating

Part of the joy of homeownership is enjoying the backyard when weather permits. A relaxing backyard isn’t complete without comfortable seating for dining and enjoying the fresh air. Investing in outdoor furniture pieces is key to creating an outdoor space. It can be as easy as starting with a few pieces, like comfy chairs to lounge in. Like most home projects, it can take some time to get everything you want. Add in a variety of seating options over time that can vary from cushioned armchairs to metal dining chairs to hammocks.

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Keep It Private

Privacy is a significant factor in creating an intimate and useable outdoor space. Choose the level of privacy that’s best for you. Levels ranging from a transparent barrier to a solid wall. Lattice and other fencing options create a subtle feeling of privacy while still having an open view of the backyard. Vertical gardens or tall shrubs, such asforsythia and north privet, offer a shield of plant protection. Tall shrubs also make for an eye-pleasing natural fence. Adding a barrier around your outdoor living space is essential to making your home feel like a safe haven.

Go Green

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What’s more trendy than going green? Creating a more sustainable home and backyard is a popular trend with many benefits. Planting native flowers, shrubs and trees help sustain the local landscaping as well as provide food sources for wildlife. Using local, thriving plants helps cut down on maintenance and water consumption. You may also want to consider xeriscaping your front and backyard to reduce lawn coverage. Replace the areas with native plants and inorganic mulch, which is very easy to maintain. Many homes in hot and dry regions choose to xeriscape due to low water levels and drought conditions.

Solar powered fixtures are another budget- and eco-friendly option that can help brighten the yard at night. There are many types of solar lights available including floodlights and string lights, depending on your needs. Other solar lighting options, such as spotlights, can help to draw attention to blooming plants even when the sun has set.

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There are many ways to help increase the value of your home. Making sure to stay up to date with trends is an excellent way to draw attention to your home and boost the property value. A well-designed and trendy landscape will reflect the care and attention that you have poured into the interior of your home. Consider these five landscaping trends that increase the value of your home this year.

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