Do you consider yourself competent enough to be known as an in-house handyman? Is it your passion to fix issues that occur inside your house; be it plumbing, electrical or technical? Plumbing is quite a technical task, which requires knowledge and understanding of the plumbing system of the house and technical expertise to handle situations well. The solution to plumbing issues is not hard, but the repair activity actually is. If you are handy with plumbing tools, and have a basic understanding of your plumbing system, then handling small fixes for everyday plumbing problems should be easy for you!

Saving on repairs is fine to the extent when the aftermath is not worse!

Plumbing Issues & Solutions

The following are some common plumbing issues with suggestions to fix them alright:

1.  Caulking

If the sides of your bathtub or sink have cracked or deteriorating seals, then it means that it requires re-caulking right away. Caulking is a quick and straightforward to seal off the cracks, but needs specific skills to finish the job well. The first step to re-caulking is apparently scraping off the old caulk because if there is residue caulk left, then the new caulk will have pores or uneven look. Take a putty knife to scrape off the old caulk, and then use a caulk gun to seal the joints with unbroken lines evenly. Wet your fingers to wipe off the extra caulk lines, to make sure it’s professional-looking and neat. Since the substance dries out quickly, make sure you get the job done efficiently, else it will rob off the beauty of the interiors of your bathroom or kitchen. If you think the cracks are large enough for you to fill them in, then there is always an option of calling a trusted professional service to get a neat job done.

2.  Replace shower-head

shower head maintenance

Replacing a faulty shower-head with a new one is a quite simple task. You just have to unscrew the former head and screw in the new one. You might have to use a few tools to unscrew the old head if it shows any resistance. The tools have an excellent grip which allows you to unscrew it more efficiently. You won’t have to call a professional to get this easy job accomplished.

3.  Fix a leakage

fix leaking pipe

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Leaks are very common in every household. It usually happens when the pipes and faucets get old or are handled roughly. Dripping taps are not suitable for your bathroom floors or sink plates because it fades off the color of the surface and also makes it slippery. The repair can either be straightforward or be pretty complicated; it ultimately depends on the faucet you are working with. You need to buy the parts of the faucet that you are planning to repair and necessary tools from your local plumbing store. You should know how to fix the issue before unscrewing any part.

Note: Shut off the water supply to avoid unwanted incidents, and avoid turning few drops to massive leaks!

You also need to make sure if you have to completely change the faulty faucet or not, before making any purchase. In case you do need a new faucet,  we’d recommend getting the Moen 7594ESRS, one of the best touchless kitchen faucets on the market. It’s not only sleek and sexy but also durable(means fewer leaks) and offers unmatched utility. It is also preferable to hire professionals to manage this repair because a small error can damage your interiors entirely. Pipe leaks can damage not only your bathroom floors but also the walls of your house. So it is always better to spend a chunk of money on easy-repairs than a fortune on complex repairs.

4.  Replace a hose

hose bath

Every few years, you should check your hose to make sure it does not lead to massage leaks. Turn the water supply off and unplug any electrical connections, like in the case of a washing machine hose, before starting any repair activities. Unplug the old hose, and install the new one in. Experts advise you to know the plumbing system of your house before planning to make any purchase of parts or equipment because even though replacing a hose is not a complicated task, but understanding the plumbing system is! It is better to hire professionals than do it yourself to avoid situations that no one likes!

6.  Unclog a drain

The clog is a frustrating situation! Period. If your bathroom, kitchen or basement drains are clogged, then you are stuck, my friend! A clog is the most common plumbing condition, and still, it can get ugly real quick, if ignored for a long time. It can eat away your pipes or the lines can get blocked, which will result in overflows; damaging the whole area surrounding those pipes. In simple words, it will not take 24 hours to wreck the area. Unclogging a drain is not difficult. Tools like the plunger and the drain snake can be used to pull the gunk out.

With the right set of tools and information, you can be your in-house handyman; keeping in mind that you know what you are doing!

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