If you’re replacing or upgrading the light bulbs in your recessed lighting cans, there’s plenty you should know about your options before you shop. Here’s a rundown of the most important things to consider:

1. Shape of the Bulbs You Should Use

While you could use a standard light bulb in a recessed can, this is a poor use of lighting. You want all the light thrown downwards from the can, and this is the purpose of reflector bulbs. So most people will naturally look to PAR or BR bulbs with their narrow necks and broad faces.

But most people are also confused about the difference between these bulbs. Which should you choose?

PAR bulbs have a flat face and keep their light well focused, while BR bulbs have a more rounded face and provide more diffuse lighting. This means PAR bulbs are excellent for highlighting a specific area while BR bulbs are excellent for general lighting. So unless you’re trying to focus the light on one area, stick with BR bulbs.

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