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Yes, we do judge a book by its cover, and you are judged by your house interior. It’s superficial, but it’s a fact. However, what if you don’t know how to make your interiors work for you? There’s a fine line between shabby-chic and junk store clutter. Here are 5 tips to help you get the interior look you crave.

1. Declutter

Every home has a certain number of items in it that don’t add value to you as the occupant. You do not have to declutter in one hit: take one room at a time, and work through the house systematically. Every room will be harboring possessions that can be gotten rid of. Your bathroom cabinet will have lotions and potions that are beyond their shelf-life. Your kitchen will have food that for health and safety reasons shouldn’t be consumed. Go through all cupboards, drawers, and dressers and get rid of anything that is broken, out of date or just not liked. You will now have a clearer canvas on which you can develop your house interior style.

2. Get Inspired

Have a look online for image bookmarking sites like Pinterest, you’ll find many home design boards or in magazines for images that inspire you. Whether you choose the bold prints of Caribbean real estate or the minimalist approach of a New York loft, there will be something that grabs your attention. Never underestimate the benefit of a journal. Print out the images so that you have a record of the images that you like, and put them in your journal. You will more than likely find that these images follow shared themes – and this is the preferred look that you can emulate in your home.

3. Neutral Walls

neutral color walls

Armed with your journal, go to the store and choose a color for your walls. Choose one of the more neutral colors that you have already shown preference to. You can add color and texture to the room by the textiles and fabrics you will pick. Choosing a neutral color gives you the freedom to inject some personality with the accessories that you have: artwork, framed photos, drapes, rugs and even a painting. Don’t forget to freshen up the woodwork to complete the transformation.

painting on walls

4. Review

Do you like all of your furniture? If there are pieces that you don’t particularly like, you can resurrect them with a lick of paint. Upcycling furniture is a great way to change the ambiance of a room. Choose your color wisely. It is best to lighten up dark wood to make the room seem more bright and airy. Choose one piece that you can paint a brighter color to turn it from drab to fab – this will be your statement piece of furniture. Go back to your journal and review your inspiring images. Is there a standout color that you love? You can be bold, as long as this color is only used for one piece. Does your favorite painting have a color on it that can tie in? Perhaps your seascape picture has a shade of blue on there that would be ideal to paint the dresser in.

statement furniture

5. Accessories

You need to be strict with your accessories. You do not want junk store chic to be your theme. You should have gotten rid of the things that you don’t really like when you decluttered, and only the cherished ones should remain. You do not want a long line of ornaments, instead, group similar items or similar colored items together – odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye. Colors can be introduced to your room by decorative pillows, throws, and rugs – embrace different textures here – but be mindful of using too many colors. Use your journal images to keep your choices in check.

living room ideas

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