Just like the walls, the color of the floor also makes a huge impact on the room. The wrong color can make a room look smaller while the right one can make it look bright and perhaps even more spacious! Additionally, the challenge to find the right color can be exacerbated when you’re using wooden floorboards.

Can’t decide which color should you opt for? We’ve got you covered!  The following are the best tips that you can follow when you want to use wood flooring.

1.     Pay Attention to the Size of the Room

The size of the room does make a difference. Small rooms will not complement dark colored wooden flooring or walls. Darker colors will absorb light and will make the room look smaller. Larger rooms are better suited for darker wooden floorboards. Smaller rooms are better suited to lighter colored floorboards since they tend to reflect light and can make the room look more open and airier.

Additionally, if the room is large with dark walls, give it a lighter floor so as to prevent it from looking cramped. Keep in mind that lighter wooden floorboards can highlight flaws more clearly. This means that they can be a bit more high-maintenance. However, regardless of the color, wooden floorboards are high maintenance so you should pick them wisely.

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2.     Add a Theme with Recycled Timber Flooring

If you’re looking for unique colors that give a more rustic finish, it’s a good idea to get recycled timber flooring for your home. These are usually floorboards which have been salvaged, treated and repaired to make them sound for use in new homes. They’re usually more cost effective than getting new timber flooring and you can get some great deals on them.

Additionally, the wood has better quality than most wooden floorboards available in the market.

The best part is that recycled timber floorboards are treated in a manner that they look just as good as new. In fact, if they didn’t have a label, you wouldn’t even be able to tell them apart. Luckily, most people prefer the weathered, dated look that recycled timber flooring can have. It can complement the age of the house and ensure that you’re getting a unique flooring option with ease.

3.     Explore colors with Engineered Timber Flooring

It’s a good idea to check out engineer timber flooring which can be more cost-effective to you and can be custom-made in any color. The type of wood does make an impact on the color here but timber flooring tends to vary in hues of reds, browns and creams. Engineered timber flooring not only offers you these colors but it also helps you save money.

Not only is this type of flooring more pocket-friendly, it is also more low maintenance than wooden floorboards. It is better insulated, can withstand more humidity and is also less likely to have structural issues when used.

They are very durable and even wooden floorboard enthusiasts may be persuaded by the durability, feel and the results that they get with these.

4.     Checking the colors in Natural Light

Apart from the type of the wood floorboard you’re choosing to use, you also have to pay attention to how the color changes when in natural light. While indoor lighting is fine, it’s natural light which tends to display the true color of the floorboards.

Additionally, showroom lighting is usually modified to make all colors look amazing. It’s a showroom after all and the main aim is to sell the products in it.

To check the color in natural light, just pick a sample and place it outdoors. The reason why natural light is recommended is that the wood can either be a shade or two darker or lighter in the wrong light. This can mean that you’re in for a surprise once you pick out the timber flooring for your room and see how it looks.

By putting it in natural light, you can get the right hue and also work out if you want to use that color or not. Mixing and matching with other aspects of the room can be better when you’re aware of the true color of the flooring.

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5.     Don’t Forget about the Furniture

wood floor colors

It is very important to consider how your furniture will go with the wooden floorboards. You don’t want to have to get new furniture just so that it doesn’t clash with the floor. Most homeowners already have a set theme in their mind and have picked out furniture accordingly. Unless you’re planning on giving your home a major makeover, you should always pick the floorboards by matching them with the furniture first.

If you’re someone who needs to picture how the room looks, you can rely on good old Photoshop to see how the floorboards will go with the room. This can be a good way to visualize the finished room and also save a lot of time, effort and money in the process.

Remember that everything, including the curtains, sofas, tables and other accessories will be affected by the kind of flooring you have so it is a good idea to do some prior research beforehand.

You don’t want to regret your investments!

With the help of these tips and tricks, you can easily pick wood floorboards. Whether you’re getting recycled timber floorboards or opting for engineered timber floorboards, you can make any room look beautiful if you just pay attention to the color.

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