Having an inviting and lavish front yard is the perfect way to show creativity, enjoy relaxing time outdoors as well as to improve curb appeal. Achieving that perfectly colored and neat look doesn’t come easy or cheap, but with some planning, patience and few wise choices along the way, a beautifully landscaped front yard is going to attract the attention of passers-by. There are ways to improve the overall look, reduce maintenance and to even save some money with clever budget-friendly front yard landscaping.


Dealing with a lawn can take too much time and money and often with poor results, especially if you are living in an arid region. Keeping the grass neat, green and weed free is not that simple, so consider downsizing your lawn and planting some easy-maintenance ground cover. Place them in the spots where is most difficult to maintain the grass, like transitional space and shady areas. Plant these useful creeping ground covers and rest assured they will germinate rather quickly and take over the parts of the yard. Best choice for ground covers is bishop’s weed, lamium and thyme.

Young plants

If you wish to do some planting, avoid mature plants since they cost more. Although it does take some patience, buying younger plants can save you a lot of money. Also, you may want to try to grow plants from seeds, but keep in mind that it is a risky venture and it takes too much time. When planting young plants bear in mind their full-grown size and make sure they have enough room to grow freely. They will grow sooner than you think and you’ll have a lovely garden at a half of the price.

planting young plants

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soil waste

Since you will be planting, do not fall into the trap of buying a potting soil but prepare the soil yourself. Make some homemade compost and mix it with soil to provide much-needed nutrients for your plants. Creating a compost pile isn’t that complicated while it is a perfect way to dispose of food scraps and other organic matter from your home. Compost is the best way to feed your soil, but if it is a too much trouble than use mulch.

preparing soil

Plant perennials

Perennials are a great choice since you get the break from planting flowers every year. Daisies are simple and charming while they look great in every garden as well as next to any other flowers. Other perennials that can look fabulous are geranium, lavender, and catmint. Not only they will add a splash of color but will spread the lovely scent all around.

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Plant a tree

No matter how small front yard is, there is always enough space for a tree. Musa garden designers practice placing a single tree in front of the house since it creates a great focal point and it looks adorable. If you are in no hurry and look for ways to save money, consider planting a sapling instead of an older tree. A few years from now you’ll be having a lovely shade coming out of your full-grown tree, not to mention the lower costs of cooling.

outdoor bench

You can even try landscaping under trees, but you have to select plants that can grow in reduced light and moisture. Plants like Siberian irises, Ninebarks, Columbines, Japanese painted fern etc. are some good choices.

Group the planters

flowers in planters

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Plant the flowers in the planters and group them around the front yard. Place three planters of different sizes in the group and make sure to plant vividly colored flowers. Create a cascading look of colors but try not to go overboard. Remember that front yard is not a savage garden and that it takes only a few details to make it tasteful and elegant. Leave some space to have a clear way to the front doors, while you can go wild in your backyard garden.


To make the front yard neat and appealing is as important as painting the house. The look of the front yard can say a lot about the homeowners. Well-designed and tidy front yard will give away the impression of the warm and well-organized household. Aside from what passers-by might think, having an attractive front yard is a sight for sore eyes for all the members of the family that are coming back home. Good news is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create a fabulous entrance to your home.


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