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The bathroom is one of the most visited places in any house. For this reason, it needs a warm and inviting aesthetic. While it’s easy to spend a lot of money and turn a large bathroom into a work of art, working with small bathroom remodel ideas can be a daunting task. Not many can manage bathroom makeovers on a tight budget.

Moreover, if space is a concern, such as in the case of powder rooms, then you need to open up your creative skills and set your mind to work. Yes, this task does look a bit challenging but it can be done. 

So, here are 12 small bathroom remodel ideas on a budget, which you can maybe adapt for your next renovation project. And trust us, each of these tips won’t add much of a difference to your total bathroom remodel cost.

1. Opt for vanity mirrors

round bathroom mirrorPhoto by PickComfort on flickr – www.pickcomfort.com [CC BY 2.0]

The first of our bathroom remodel ideas is to replace your existing bathroom mirror with a new bathroom vanity mirror. Round vanity mirrors are in style right now and are also a practical choice for a small bath because they take up minimal space. 

You can even try backlighting your mirror to give it a touch of glamorous vintage style and create the illusion of extra space. Apart from this, you can include open shelving to store your shampoos and lotions.

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2. Buy sleek wall-mounted storage

wall mounted vanityPhoto by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels CC0

We love a good bathroom storage solution. It’s a bathroom remodel idea that never fails to make even the tiniest of baths look more organized. Of course, provided that it’s done in a stylish manner.

A good rule of thumb is to utilize the wall space for your cabinet and an integrated bathroom sink. Such additions will help declutter the room and not take up much of your bathroom floor space.

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3. Try a new paint color

bathroom paint colorsPhoto by PickComfort on flickr – www.pickcomfort.com [CC BY 2.0]

One of the cheapest and simplest small bathroom remodel ideas is to change the way your bathroom looks with a fresh coat of paint. The best solution is to go for a soft color scheme. Or, the evergreen white walls. 

Such colors make the bathroom space seem bigger and are also easy on the eyes. This bathroom, for instance, looks bright and organized despite having less square footage.

4. Brighten up the small space with a skylight

bathroom skylightPhoto by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels CC0

A skylight can successfully enliven even a small bathroom. The natural light, streaming in, doesn’t just make the area appear bigger than it is — it also saves you a considerable amount of money on your electricity bill. You don’t even need to use the light during the day.

5. Go for tile accents

Bathroom tile accentPhoto by Christa Grover from Pexels CC0

Tiling can effectively change the way your bathroom looks. If tiling the complete bathroom is not conducive to your budget, go for accent walls. Keep the color bright and happy. 

It will also add visual depth to your bathroom walls. Alternatively, you could go for tiled floor — keeping the walls barren. Such a design would make the bathroom appear larger vertically.

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6. Try a shower curtain to demarcate the bathing area

Shower curtainModern Marble Bathroom Design, by Paintzen on flickr – www.paintzen.com [CC BY 2.0]

Install a shower curtain on rings for easy movability. This simple addition will save space over a glass shower door that moves in and out. 

7. Go for small-scale bathroom fixtures

The goal behind this bathroom remodel idea is to declutter your space with smaller fixtures, including sink, mirror, etc. These will make the area feel larger and give you a convenient way around your movements in the bathroom. 

You can either get a 60-inch tub or a shower. For those who like both, but have limited square footage, can opt for a shower-tub combo that easily fits in.

8. Use tall, narrow cabinets

Blue and white bathroomPhoto by PickComfort on flickr – www.pickcomfort.com [CC BY 2.0]

In a small bathroom, the idea is to free up floor space. Using tall and narrow cabinets instead of short and wide ones will serve to save you tons of space in your small or half bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, the goal should be to store things higher, not wider. You can find vintage cabinets in thrift stores and discount cabinets all over the internet.

9. Invest in a corner sink

corner bathroom sinkPhoto by PickComfort on flickr – www.pickcomfort.com [CC BY 2.0]

More often than not, a pedestal sink or a trough sink across the shower can disrupt the flow of traffic in a narrow bathroom. It can intrude upon the only available traffic lane in a bathroom. 

In such a scenario, go for a corner sink and install it across the toilet. We love this clean-cut modern design idea. In keeping with the minimalistic look of the bathroom, even the towel bar has been kept simple and utilitarian.

10. Utilize the space above the toilet

This is yet another of our clever small bathroom remodel ideas. Just placing a wooden or stone slab utilizes the vacant vertical space above the toilet and acts as extra counter space. 

You can even go for a modern integrated storage unit with the toilet. It can be used as a medicine cabinet or you may place small items of daily use in this area. 

11. Ditch the shower door

When extra space feels like a luxury and ideal for placing just a toilet and a 60-inch tub, then it’s better not to install a shower door. A simple glass panel will suffice. It won’t even need space to open and shut it — while keeping the bathing area separate and dry.

12. Bring in the outdoors with air-purifying plants

Another one of our easy, but effective small bathroom remodel ideas is to keep a lot of live plants around your bathroom next to your vanities and bathtub. Plants that deal well with the moisture present in bathrooms include bamboo, begonias, aloe vera, and Chinese evergreens, to name a few. 

Most of them also purify the air and reduce indoor air pollution. When it comes to indoor plants, do your research and get the best ones for your master bath or guest bathroom.


Well, these were few of our choicest, simplest, and budget small bathroom remodel ideas. So, which one will you use in your next bathroom renovation project? Do not forget to let us know in the comment section below.

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