Nature has a direct connection with the human mind. Spending some time under natural environment can turn any dull or stressed mind positive. Who doesn’t love the brightness of the sun or the soothing breezes of a summer afternoon! Some people claim that with growing population and concrete jungle, finding such brightness or ventilation is getting indeed tough inside the home.

However, this is not always true. One can get the same level of freshness or brightness inside a home with some smart interior design residential tricks. The best part is that it won’t cost too much. Given below are six interesting changes you can bring to your home for a brighter feel.

Proper Positioning Of Lights

If the intention is to bring brightness back inside the room, naturally the first step should be placing the lights at their desired place. There is no better way to boost the look of the interior than proper lighting. No matter how lavish accessories one keeps inside, but they won’t glorify their true worth unless are properly lightened. However, this doesn’t mean only the hugely expensive lighting arrangements do the job.

ceiling lights

Rather, there is no replacement for natural lights. Find out the areas inside the room lacking natural lights. In this context, the best recommendation would be to hang a light at the comparatively higher position. This would let the light to regenerate more sunlight. It would be even better if the position of the light is set at higher positions, as explained above, during the construction time itself.

Don’t Seal The Windows

Windows are the most crucial sections of any home. These are meant for providing adequate light and wind flow into the room. But, some people cover the windows in the name of fashion in a quite insane way. Privacy is indeed a concern, but one can’t ignore the freshness of the room or oxygen supply as well.

In fact, covering the windows make the room look clumsy and small; this doesn’t fit well with the contemporary interior design idea. In this context, the best recommendation would be to use pale colored curtains. Light colored curtains come with some incredible prints, which take the interior design quotient to a new high.

white sheer curtains

Moreover, it provides the desired privacy without hampering the comfort or looks of the room. Best recommendation would be to hang these windows from higher positions for dragging more light and fresh oxygen. Light colored curtains are good from a maintenance point of views as well.

Learn The Art Of Creating Space

People often complain about population density for the lack of natural freshness. These reasons are valid up to some extent, but, it is also true that most of the people are not aware of the smart ways of decorating the room for better brightness or freshness. This is no rocket science actually; simply being interested about making oneself more exposed to natural environment would bring ideas spontaneously.

bright home

For example, most people keep the chairs inside the room despite having a balcony. Similarly, certain shelves or accessories that could be taken outside should not be kept inside stubbornly. This indeed would create space and allow an abundance of light, and thus freshness inside.

Change Your Mirror’s Place Inside The Room And Elevate It

People keep fancy mirror tables at some corner of the room so that they can comfortably get dressed. However, someone more concerned about the brightness of the room would rather prefer hanging mirrors. In fact, it would be great to hang these close to the windows, doors, or any light passing paths. Mirrors reflect the entering light into the room, maintaining its freshness.

Lift It Up

If you are more concerned about maintaining freshness within, placing huge furniture with shorter legs should not be your preference. Rather, you should try integrating manual elevator legs to lift the furniture up from the ground level. This would help in providing greater room for light passage. Best recommendation would be to prefer lighter furniture over the heavier ones.

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Choose Plants Over Expensive Furniture

This is indeed the best suggestion from modern-day perspectives. Anyone who is a nature enthusiastic is obvious to be a green lover. Instead of complaining too much about the concrete jungle, bring the plants inside your room. Rather than filling the room extravagantly with accessories, decorating with plants would be rather a better option. Plants provide the freshness and create a positive vibe, which only someone who has felt it would, able to understand.

indoor house plants

Even if your room is small, an orchid plant can also do a great job. Moreover, plants cost way lesser in comparison with any lavish accessory. Plants meant to be kept inside the rooms don’t demand too much of water as well. However, instead of keeping these plants in a corner, the best recommendation would be to place them close to the doors, windows, or closer to the paths of light passage.

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