So what is a foyer? Do I need one in my home and can I fit this in?

Well, a foyer is just the area that people coming into your house walk into — similar to a theater or hotel lobby but on a smaller scale. It may be a small hallway or open space that serves as a reception area to welcome your guests. This is where first impressions are made as you receive guests. You may want to check out these eight beautiful foyers for inspiration!

You can say that whether you live in a house or an apartment, there will always be that area which you can turn into a foyer. But some homeowners may have just neglected to put more thought into this area until now.

Here are some ideas that would create a more welcoming foyer for your home:

A Door that Welcomes

First impressions count, and this also applies to your home. Your front door is your home’s presentation card. When guests walk into your front yard or perhaps into the apartment compound, make sure that they immediately see where they are supposed to knock or enter. Ensure that your door is well-lit, which will make this visible to arriving visitors so they can easily see your apartment number or simply where the main entrance of your house is especially if you have side doors as well.

These days doors are also a fashion statement and designs vary from the ordinary doorways that swivel inwards, rotating doors, sliding doors, and the like. Aside from strategically placed lights, you may decorate your doors with seasonal decors like Christmas wreaths, Halloween decorations, or a simple wood carving that says “Welcome” above the doorway or any small framed artwork that would stand out.


Let your guests be drawn to an interesting lighting fixture as they enter your foyer. Move away from the ordinary plate-shaped light fixture, a small chandelier will be worth investing in to enhance the look of your foyer. A few floor lamps may also be interesting pieces to add to a foyer if you have space. Check which suits you best and work with the area you have.

A well-lit foyer will stand out against a gloomy and dark entry way where guests might be hesitant to enter. A well-lit hallway will always be inviting and create an ambiance that is welcoming. Work on the lighting to create a warm welcome!

Personalize It

Your foyer, being an introduction to your home, should also be a more personal expression of yourself, your preferences, and tastes. You have a free hand to create that visual impression that would generally speak about you, your family, and how the rest of your home will look like.

Perhaps having one wall decorated with souvenirs of your travels overseas, a large clock, framed pieces of artwork with a warm light above it, carvings, etc.


Adding a seat, bench, or chair will allow for guests to rest a bit while waiting (or perhaps to catch their breath and remove their coats, gloves, shoes, etc.),

Adding other interesting furniture pieces like a coffee table which can be placed between two chairs, a console table against one wall with a framed mirror above it and more. A mirror will also give the illusion of a bigger space and also give guests a chance to glance at how they look before continuing to the inside your home.

Again, it is all about creating your personal statement. You can use interesting art pieces and place them on the coffee or console tables as well. Choose pieces that will help you achieve that look that would be a reflection of your own style and match your entire home’s theme  and make it visually appealing.

Storage Space

Since this is where you can expect most traffic with people coming and going, it is essential to provide storage areas for coats, umbrellas, shoes, bags, car keys, etc. to keep it all in order.

Storage space may be a built-in cabinet, a coat rack, drawers under seats or hooks on the walls, a platter on a console table for car keys, just about anything to keep everything in place and accessible. Keeping it all neat is a vital key to making a good impression!

Appealing to the Senses

Visual appeal is great in that it provides what is essential in creating an overall impression. But let’s not forget that there are other senses that can make more lasting impressions such as the sense of smell.

Just as hotels and establishments have their own signature scents, try creating one for your own home. Not only will a visually appealing foyer serve to impress your guests but a scent can tie it all in making them recall that experience in your home every time they come across a similar scent.

Music will also up the ante a bit, if you have the resources, why not provide some relaxing and welcoming music to greet your guests. Once again all this will be a matter of preference, trying to create what can be appealing to a variety of senses will create a bigger impact.

Start Remodeling Your Foyer Today!

Remodeling your foyer doesn’t need to be such an expensive venture, you may use existing pieces of furniture and work towards adding interesting decor or furniture as you go along. The main idea is to create a warm and welcoming entryway that would be both functional and appealing.

Whichever way you decide to go and whatever theme you may choose, you must own the space , personalize it and create a summary of what guests may expect as they move into your home.

Modern Foyer Design: Creating The Best First Impressions

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