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Having a child will make previously simple lawn care decisions just a little more complicated. Aside from ensuring the beauty of your yard, you now also have to make sure that it is safe for your little ones to run and play outside.

With the health and safety of your kids at stake, you should not just be snatching up any lawn and garden care product from your local garden store. Brisbane gardening and lawn mowing experts share the following tips to ensure a lawn that is lush, beautiful, healthy and truly kid-friendly.

1. Choose natural lawn-boosting options

Feed your lawn with organic fertilizers. Remember that organic fertilizers have phosphate, potash, and nitrogen – the three crucial ingredients that your lawn needs. You may also opt for natural options like compost, grass clippings, and seaweed. These fertilizers are safe for kids who may end up frolicking in the yard on a daily basis.

Clover can also boost lawn health. This plant is rich in nitrogen, giving your grass a beautiful green appearance whilst making it more resistant to grubs, drought, and other harmful elements.

The best time for you to feed your lawn is in autumn. It is during this season that your lawn becomes hungry and their roots will most likely develop. But aside from this, it is also the time when your little ones may spend more time indoors. Furthermore, applying organic fertilizers during autumn will give enough time for the lawn booster to soak in before the start of summer growth.

2. Get rid of weeds

Get rid of weeds Photo by Ruth Hartnup on Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Weeds can take over your lawn, so at the first sign of growth, you must get rid of them immediately. As much as possible, use natural methods to nip weed growth in the bud. For instance, you can make your own spray solution by combining two parts vinegar, some drops of dish soap and one part water. Use this solution each morning, but avoid spraying it on other plants. To make sure that weeds won’t come back, you can also consider corn gluten application.

For a totally natural weed killer, you can just pour boiling water over the weeds. In fact, this is proven effective in getting rid of even the toughest weeds.

The idea here is to limit the use of any synthetic herbicide that will damage your soil over time, and which can pose a danger to both kids and pets.

3. Keep the lawn mower in excellent condition

Mowing is a crucial lawn care maintenance activity meant to keep the grass healthy and safe for your kids to play on. But its success lies in the condition of the lawn mower.

For instance, dull mower blades will tear the grass unevenly, leaving the grass with sharp, ragged edges. This will not only invite certain lawn diseases but can also harm your little ones. So make sure that the mower blades are sharp each time you cut the grass.

Here are some lawn mower care tips:

  • Before cleaning the lawn mower, makes sure that the spark plug is disconnected to prevent it from starting accidentally. Protect your hands by wearing gloves while cleaning, inspecting or sharpening the blades.
  • Don’t forget to clean the undercarriage. You can use a wire brush to easily remove grass and dirt under the mower, or perhaps spray it with a hose.
  • Check the oil. Aside from monitoring the oil level, you must also check for any floating debris because this indicates that it is time for you to change it. When changing the oil, drain the old oil first completely by removing the drain plug underneath it.
  • Inspect the air filter. Just like cars, lawn mowers also have air filters that can get dirty or clogged. Remember that dirty filters will put much stress on the mower, causing it to consume more fuel than necessary.

4. Control pests naturally

Despite all your efforts to keep your lawn pest-free, some unwanted guests may still find their way in. As soon as you notice pest infestation, make sure to control it immediately using natural products.

The use of dangerous chemicals is not your only option for dealing with pests. There are plenty of alternatives! For one, there are microbial pesticides that can combat pests. An example of this is when plant-eating grubs consume the spores released (a type of microbial pesticide); bacteria will then grow inside them leading the pests to die within 7-21 days.

Also, you can use neem oil to get rid of mole crickets and other pests that can harm your yard in the autumn. This is a natural insecticide, but first, dilute it water before spraying it all over your yard. This is also one of the best ways to prevent plants from having powdery mildew.

Moreover, you can use beneficial nematodes to control pests that dwell in the soil such as cutworms, Japanese beetles, and grubs.

It is crucial for you to ensure that your yard is free of any pests before letting your kids play outdoors. Some pests may bite your child, causing itchiness or other medical conditions.

5. Water the grass deeply

lawn wateringPhoto by Anthony Rossbach on Unsplash

Aside from feeding your lawn, it is also important to water it deeply to keep it healthy and green. But deep watering should only be done once a week.

Bear in mind that shallow, frequent watering can result in unhealthy, poor quality grass because this promotes shallow roots. Thus, lawn care pros recommend deep watering to encourage deep roots.

6. Don’t forget to aerate the soil

soil aerationpixabay

Kids can create tracks in your lawn, causing bald patches to appear. And because of frequent use, the soil can become compacted, which then prevents the growth of healthy grass. Bald patches indicate that it is time for you to aerate the soil – you can either use garden forks or aerators to do this so that soil compaction is reduced.

7. Invest in professional lawn care services

lawn care services pxhere

You may think that caring for a lawn is easy. But if you do not have the right resources, knowledge, and expertise, you can end up having an ugly, unhealthy yard.

For many growing and busy families, hiring professionals to take care of their lawn care needs is a time and cost-saving option. Nothing is more valuable than seeing your kids happily playing outdoors and knowing that they are safe because your lawn is professionally-maintained.

Everybody wants a healthy lawn. But if you have kids, you must also keep your yard safe for them whilst making it look well-maintained and stylish. Follow the above-mentioned lawn care tips to enjoy a safe, green and healthy yard.

7 Ways to Maintain a Beautiful, Child-Friendly Lawn was last modified: October 6th, 2019 by Kukun staff

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