Reforming a house implicates several important advantages for the owner: among them, obtaining better distribution and optimizing the use of space.  Given the current economic situation, the price of these works is much more competitive than a few years ago. In order to complete a successful renovation, it is crucial to find the right architect for your project. So what questions should you ask yourself when looking for an architect?

What skills should the architect have?

First of all, you should try to get some references on previous jobs, which can be easily obtained through the Internet or thanks to personal contacts. Also, you need to find out if the architect handles different types of materials and solutions, as he/she will be more open and able to resolve any proposal.

It is always a good idea to visit the architect in their own studio and see some of their work, as well as the methodology and the tools used. In order to find the right architect you have to be confident that the professional you have decided to work with is able to provide solutions to your project.

Is the architect’s style important?

The expertise of these professionals and the high degree of competition in the sector has made many architects possess a unique style, which they often want to impose on the client. To prevent this problem, make sure that the architect is able to develop other styles with as much ease as possible. It is completely normal for an architect to feel more comfortable with a particular style. However, in order to find the right architect, you must look for professionals who can interpret your own vision of the project regardless of their preferences.

What attitude should the architect have?

The architect of a remodeling project must be able to listen to the client attentively, and has to be able to easily provide a feedback and the best solution to solve problems. They must provide guidance, given their expertise, but should remain open and flexible to your own input. The architect must give the client their honest opinion on all issues and to put out the best alternatives. The attitude of the architect will add value to your project.

Should the architect care about energy saving?

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The architect responsible for the project must not only be conscious about energy saving but also trained to apply it  through the renovation and rehabilitation works. The architect should suggest some solutions to improve energy efficiency, taking into account both the economic cost and the constructive possibilities of the building. In some places there are rules about the limits in house emissions: Either way, the architect must take into account a criterion for energy savings in the design. However, where the architect must really consider the importance of energy conservation is in the formal proposal. So you should make sure to ask if he/she supports the design with the use of technologies that benefit the energy saving.

What timetable should the architect propose?

All remodeling projects must be kept within a concrete timeframe, which will be previously agreed and determined by the needs of the client. It is beneficial for both parties to sign a preliminary contract in which the proposal remains formally stated, including the deadlines that it entails, from the signing until the completion of the work. Setting a contract is a way of putting on the table the conditions of the service. You should be very clear and specific on what you’re expecting before you start a renovation.

Should the architect calculate extra costs?

The person responsible for the remodeling should be careful and honest about the possible extra costs, and should include them in the budget. There may be some elements impossible to foresee before executing a work, but the foresight should be as cautious as possible.

What relationship should we keep?

Conducting a house remodeling can be extended over time. Which is why the architect has to maintain a certain relationship with you. The treatment offered by the architect must be direct and fluid throughout the process. In fact, any change or improvement that may arise must be discussed with you, since you should always be aware of it (and review it periodically). You should be in constant contact and set weekly or daily update calls or mails on the evolution of the project.

Is it possible to break the relationship?

The contractual relationship in a house remodeling can be diluted by any of the parties involved in it. There are various reasons why this would happen: force majeure, disagreements on the way to work, inappropriate treatment or breach of established payments. In order for this to happen, you must meet the provisions established previously on the contract. You must certify the actions the architect has carried out to the date.

Keep in mind these questions when making a decision, and you’ll be able to find the right architect for your job.

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