Just a couple of decades ago, simple video surveillance with grainy footage was about the extent of our home security technology. But the home security industry has come a long way since then.

Today, innovations in home security have made it easier and more affordable for consumers and business owners to protect their homes and businesses. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence and monitoring capabilities, we can get an alert sent to our smartphone the moment a security breach happens.

From smart security cameras to automatic security gates, new technologies are constantly emerging. Here are eight innovations in home security that are making waves in the industry:

Wi-Fi-connected Robotic Ball

Installing multiple cameras throughout your house can get expensive. SensorSphere, a Wi-Fi-connected robotic ball, removes the need for multiple cameras by rolling into different rooms in your house.

Originally designed for emergency responders, SensorSphere would allow firefighters and the police to analyze a room before they entered. However, the robotic ball was quickly adapted for consumers.

Controlled via mobile app, SensorSphere makes it easy to check on pets or even the family while you’re away from home. In addition, the ball can be customized to detect unusual temperature, humidity or gas levels in your home and to send a notification to your phone.

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Smart Lock

No more losing keys or needing to be physically present to let someone into your home. With a smart lock, you can simply punch in a code or unlock your door straight from a mobile app.

In fact, property developers have recently started to incorporate smart lock technology into condominiums and rentals. Not only will this reduce operating costs for developers, but it’s also an additional amenity for residents.

Also on the horizon for consumers are solar-powered smart locks. At CES 2018, Brinks unveiled their ARRAY Smart Deadbolt, which replaces your existing deadbolt with a Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock that can be charged using sunlight.

DIY Home Security with Motion Detection

Tired of expensive security systems and subscriptions? Choose an effective DIY home security solution such as Ooma Home. This affordable, DIY solution plugs into your home’s router and detects activity of up to 150 feet.

When the sensors detect activity, you can program it to send an alert to your smartphone. Then, you can connect to local 911 operators without the need for professional monitoring. If you choose the DIY route, don’t forget to protect your outdoor home security hardware with a NEMA-rated weatherproof enclosure.

Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells have taken the home security world by storm, and for good reason. The ability to see who is at your doorstep without answering the door provides countless advantages.

With smart doorbells such as Ring, homeowners have managed to catch countless package thieves and intruders. Not only that, but some smart doorbell makers have added a new layer of home automation to their product by allowing users to open their doors remotely or turn on outdoor lights for visitors.

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Some smart doorbells even use machine learning to recognize the faces of friends and family members. Google’s facial recognition video doorbell, the Nest Hello, recently launched in the UK and aims to cut back the alerts that people receive by differentiating between intruders and familiar faces.

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Smart Wall Plug

Use a smart wall plug with power metering and you can easily be alerted via the mobile app when you’re consuming too much power. But that’s not all a smart plug can do.

With a Fibaro Wall Plug, you can also switch off your devices remotely and view the history of your power consumption at any time. Debuted at CES 2018, this smart wall plug makes it easy for homeowners to effortlessly control appliances while away from home.

Leak Detection Alerts

With smart leak detection alert systems, it’s possible to detect home maintenance issues before they happen. This could potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars in home repairs due to flooding.

In addition to leak detection alerts, many smart water detector systems can sense temperature and humidity as well. When temperatures reach unusual levels, you will know instantly.

Smart Upgrade for Smoke Alarm

Smart smoke alarms can detect smoke and then send a notification to homeowners who are away from their home. But if you’d rather not invest in a smart smoke alarm, you can purchase a smart battery instead.

Enabled by a Wi-Fi connection, smart batteries such as Roost can be added to your existing smoke alarm to enhance the safety of your home. Roost was named a CES 2016 Innovations Award Nominee for this product, and since then, they’ve made a splash at CES 2017 and 2018 with their Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector and their Smart Garage Door Sensor.

Smart Home Security Gate

Smart home security gates are no longer reserved for the rich. Many homeowners can now afford to open and close their doors and gates remotely with the touch of a button.

Many smart security gates use motion detection sensors and cameras that allow you to view who is trying to enter your property. By zooming in on the car or people inside, you can see who is using your gate and approve or deny access.

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Home Safe Home

With the advancements of machine learning and artificial intelligence, homeowners can now afford to protect their homes with smart technology. From smart locks to smart doorbell cameras, there is a bounty of home security devices that are designed to bring us peace of mind.

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It is usually used in reference to things like door and window locks, a security system that monitors doors and windows, security cameras, motion-detecting lights, safes, and really anything that helps keep your home, or the possessions inside your home, secure.

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