Arturass reinterprets the origami art and the art of folding in his work by playing with materials, textures, and light. His objects are for him an opportunity to associate the aesthetics and techniques of the folded object with normal functionality. Sculpture, decoration and lighting fixture all at once, each of Arturass’s creations is an occasion for reflection on the multiple facets of the object.


Born in Lithuania, the artist manifested his taste and skills for artistic and manual disciplines very early on. “At three or four years old, I remember taking my father’s paintings to make imprints, and explaining that it was the dog that had rolled them in the snow and mud!” At the age of twelve, he joined a training course in applied arts and later pursued higher studies in design engineering.

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Art of origami by Arturass

He quickly conceived his first creations in which his passion for the beauty of the folded object, the rigor and the work of the line was palpable. Wishing to bring a new dimension to the practice of origami art, Arturass tries to associate his folds with a utilitarian function such as lighting, suspensions, and even stools.

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origami lighting origami lighting

Arturass rarely uses paper as it is too fragile; he prefers polypropylene sheets, which were initially used as industrial light diffusers. The artist muses, “Seeing my creations, people often think they are paper. Plastic does not stain, it’s less susceptible to yellowing and it’s very strong.”

Origami art

The artist loves light, and the creation of lighting occupies a large place in his work. “Light for me is like a garment, I dress the room, which I consider an object … When turned off, my creations are similar to sculptures; turned on, the light brings in new shapes, the play of shadows and the transparency of the folds.”

The model

Arturass creates his plans using digital tools. “The computer is a valuable tool because folding requires very high precision. There I work on the dimensions, because the balance of the folding is sometimes different according to the scale, and so the rendering is no longer the same.”

A plotter then marks the bending pattern on a plastic sheet. Arturass can then “form” the folds on the support, and then fold and mount the piece in volume. The parts are assembled without glue. The technical folds are reinforced with seams.

Arturass's art of folding


Always motivated by the idea of offering new perspectives on origami art by linking it to the world of design, Arturass is constantly developing new approaches. “I want to get closer to the furniture, starting with shapes and folds that I know well, and move toward more imposing concrete structures. I also work on luminous modular panels. I have a lot of things in mind; when I start a creation, other things come to mind … Most of the time I do several things at once!”

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