Fires are enigmatic sources of energy. They give us light when there’s darkness. They give us warmth when it’s cold. There are very few things that can compare to the sense of bliss and contentment one experiences enjoying an evening outdoors in the company of loved ones around a fire. And while backyard fire pits are a fairly common fixture in many homes, paying attention to the landscaping design around your fire pit area is just as important as the fire pit itself.

Here is a guide to backyard ideas for fire pit landscaping.

Location is Everything

Choose where in your backyard you want to build a fire pit. Do you want it visible from your back door, a kind of focal point in your backyard? Or do you want it tucked away in a private corner? 

Some people have fire pits as an extension of their patios. Others prefer to have their fire pits around water bodies like swimming pools or fountains.

So while there are no hard and fast rules as to where you ought to put your fire pit, we’d suggest you pick a spot that’s convenient. Whether you and your partner want to sit around the fire to wind down after a hard day, or you want to entertain your guests around it, you don’t want accessing your fire pit to be an ordeal. But make sure to build it between at least 10 to 20 feet from your home.

Choose the Right Pit

Fire pits come in a variety of materials. Let’s discuss a few of the popular ones to help you choose what works best for your home.

The classic backyard stone pit that we all picture in our mind’s eye is the stone fire pit. That, however, may just be a cosmetic finish.

Most commercially available fire pits are built either of precast concrete or metal. 

Stainless steel, cast iron, and copper are some of the popular choices when it comes to metal fire pits or fire bowls.

Amongst them, cast iron is touted as being the most durable and capable of surviving the rigors of changing seasons.

Some modern fire pits are an amalgamation of both steel and other elements like stone, slate, and tile to create custom designs.

Pits can vary in design as well. While circular pits are the favorite, you can choose to have them above the ground or in the ground.

Some people choose long and linear pits with a sitting area on either built into either side of the pit.

Fire pits aren’t limited to only toasting marshmallows. It’s also a fairly popular modification to build your pit with the capability of supporting a grill on top for barbecues, enabling you to make the most of your outdoor space.

Traditionally, fire pits were fueled by logs of wood. And while this is still a popular choice, fire pits fueled by piped gas are also becoming popular.

Piped gas fire pits allow you the freedom of fire on demand, without the hassles of smoke in your eyes and soot in your hair. You get to turn on and off the fire by turning a knob. What could be easier? It also increases design possibilities vastly.

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Popular Landscaping Ideas

  1. Large stone fire pits are timeless classics that also last a long time. These look beautiful with both paved and pebbled courtyards. Depending on where you live, you could build stone benches to sit around the fire. If you want something that is easy to move in when the weather turns, invest in Adirondack chairs.
  2. Brick finish fire pits are also popular, especially with those who like rustic finishes. Use matching brick accents on the floor to make it even more visually appealing. Seating areas around your brick fire pit can include woodblocks to add to the rustic feel, as well as art deco patio furniture for a more modern feel.
  3. If you’re inclined towards an in-ground or sunken fire pit, ring it with large stones to give it a cozy, yet medieval feel. Pebbled floors and wooden furniture are a great combination with in-ground pits. Alternatively, you could build both your pit and built-in seating around it out of stone slabs and in geometric shapes for a more contemporary design.
  4. If you have a great view of your property, then you definitely want your fire pit facing it. Imagine spending the early hours of the morning sipping on a coffee looking at those views while basking in the warmth of your fire pit.
  5. Enjoy the best of both the indoor and outdoor living by adding a fire pit under your gazebo. Create a lounge area around the fire pit that will allow you to enjoy being outdoors even when the weather says otherwise.
  6. Ornamental grasses and lawns make fire pit areas look even more beautiful. But make sure you plant them a safe distance away from the pit and have non-flammables like pavers or pebbles in the space in between.
  7. A ring of shrubbery in the area surrounding your outdoor fire pit is a great way to create a private and cozy space.
  8. Plants with variegated leaves, such as the snake plant, as well as plants that have white or light-colored blossoms make for magical evenings around the fire pit area.
  9. Evergreens are great choices to have along your fence to give your backyard fire pit privacy from your neighbors.
  10. Last, but most importantly, be sure to build safe walkways in between your fire pits and your home.

Let That Fire Glow

We hope you now have a good insight into backyard designs and landscaping ideas when it comes to outdoor fire pits. Go ahead and use these fire pit landscaping ideas to build your family that perfect spot to relax, entertain, and build memories.

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