Your master bedroom is your personal space — a haven that offers you a sanctuary from the humdrum of the outside world. Therefore, it is necessary that you do the required research and spend reasonable time to make it inviting and comfy. Your design and decor elements should resonate style, sophistication, and beauty while not exceeding the estimated cost of your bedroom remodel. But this should not be a problem. There are so many master bedroom decorating ideas to gather inspiration from! At least, something will match both your preferences and budget. So, go on. Check out our favorite master bedroom decor tips and choose one that you consider perfect for your next home renovation project.

Coastal vibes and layered decor

coastal bedroom decor

Nothing is more lively than a coastal vibe in your bedroom decor. Go for layers and mixes of materials — such as colorful throw pillows, a bright and patterned rug, or a down-filled duvet. Expansive windows can bring in ample light and offer an unobstructed view to the outdoors. Couple it with soft, carpeted flooring and a few wooden furniture pieces. Bring life to an otherwise sleepy space with fresh indoor plants. Consider stylish table lamps or ceiling lights to illuminate the room during the after-dark hours.

Neutral extravaganza

We seriously love this plush and sophisticated master bedroom. The only color scheme used here is plenty of white, cream, and grey, broken in by contrasting darker shades. Serene neutrals, solid fabrics, soft linens, warm rugs — everything simply adds to the luxe appeal of this room. A modern lamp on the bedside table, white and coffee furniture pieces, and contemporary art elements complete the layout. When it comes to neutral master bedroom decorating ideas, luxurious materials, curved lines, and interesting accents are all that is required to complete your interior design.

Bathed in light

lighted bedroom

This glorious space has been designed to play with lights from all directions. Huge picture windows offer an unobstructed view of the spectacular landscape beyond. You can close the lavish window blinds and still marvel only at the interiors. Check the recessed lighting on the ceiling. They offer plenty of ambient illumination. An ornate mirror over the bed plays with reflections of rays emitted from the hanging pendant. Silk linens, a plush headboard, and a traditional area rug scream royalty from every aspect.

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Monochrome delight

monochromatic bedroom

Who says black and white is boring? We think otherwise. It adds personality to any space. But if you think, the color scheme is a bit bland, add textures, layered fabrics, and mixed materials. Go for elements like contrasting velvets and bold, patterned pillows. Fix a framed wall art to reinforce the drama. However, don’t overdo it. We want it to stay elegant, clean, and sharp. That’s the essence of monochrome, is it not?

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Hardwood sophistication

hardwood bedroom

Blend in the traditional vibes of classic hardwood with contemporary touches. How? Check out the idea above. A wooden bed, wardrobe, and drawers exude old-world charm. Add in recessed lights and modern side lamps — and you get a dose of modernity. Framed pieces of art with sharp edges lend a bit of masculine flavor. Yes, light walls, lots of wood, a carpeted floor, and neutral shades in the bedding balance the elements in this stunning master bedroom.

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Traditional glamor

There are no set rules when it comes to traditional master bedroom decorating ideas. A perfect amalgamation of color, pattern, textures, and shapes — this is all that’s required. See how the designer has decorated the above layout. A solid wooden bed, wooden furniture sets with curvy structures, and a round mirror with wooden edges. He has accentuated the design with white linens, an ornate pendant, modern lamps, and heavy blinds over a transparent door that leads outdoors.

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Wallpapered bedroom

wallpapered bedroom

Do you want to create more interest than painted walls? Then go for a wallpapered accent wall and make it the focal point. Choose a limited palette and interesting design, such as the dark golden-blue pattern shown above. The bed is set just against it, complemented with a lush rug below and an ornate chandelier above. Symmetrically arranged white drawer sets with metallic pulls and sconce lights reinforce the solid shades of the huge curtains and dark wood floor. Balanced and subtle, this royal design has only one word — extravaganza!

Nature-inspired bedroom

natural bedroom decor (1)

This master bedroom showcases so many natural elements — a stone accent wall, wood flooring, and a rustic stone bed frame. The homeowner has complemented it with potted plants and a woven roller shade. The natural scheme continues with a weathered and patterned rug. A bit of contrast is added by means of industrial pendant lights and sliding floor-to-ceiling doors.

Farmhouse style bedroom

french country bedroom

Light neutral paint on the walls, a soft and refined headboard, vintage wooden furniture, pleated linen curtains, an antique chandelier, and a beamed, sloping ceiling — this space is a perfect example of a Farmhouse style master bedroom. We have a subdued color scheme which combines grey and white — coupled with a huge, traditional carpet. A simple, elegant footstool and ornate artifacts complete the layout.

Airy and open

airy and open bedroom

Featuring a double tray ceiling, loads of windows, and asymmetrical shape, this master bedroom is spacious and offers the scope to bring in plenty of daylight. You can witness the right blend of neutral colors, patterns, and interest in this room that exudes so much of personality. There are several stylish lighting fixtures as well — such as recessed lights and sconces on the fan and ceiling. They offer complete illumination which is reflected from the polished hardwood flooring below.

Chocolate sundae

cozy bedroom decor ideas

Chocolate is such a rich color. It makes your bedroom look soothing, warm, and elegant. Check out the decor elements above. Light, grey walls are bifurcated with bold brown stripes that do not make the room too overwhelming. To add to the warmth factor, the designer has opted for a coffee, plush bed with a soft headboard and white duvets. This feeling is further enhanced with faux fur throw rugs and a traditional, cozy hardwood floor. A lot of white and a few potted plants keep the room feeling open and airy while adding natural elements. Industrial lamps, a side table, and bold-colored pillows bring in the much-required contrast. Oh yes, there’s a comfy sofa too, if you hadn’t noticed!

Metallic touches

The last entry from our list of favorite master bedroom decorating ideas highlights the power of metallic accents. See the ornate metallic frame and the bedside table lamp. They simply glitz up this space. Moreover, the floating white bedframe that features an upholstered headboard is another spectacular element. To augment this effect further, the designer has opted for touches of gold in the lush area rug and throw pillow. To tone down too much of glitter, he has gone for a black mattress and linens, a comfy black recliner, and a mix of blacks, greys, and whites on the walls flooring, and the ceiling.

Final take

Well, this ends our list of our favorite master bedroom decorating ideas. You can choose any tip which you think shall match with your preferences, budget, and requirements. However, remember that your bedroom should reflect your style. It should give the feeling of a comfortable space where you can relax after a long, hard day. Go through our tips, and we are sure you will find one idea to inspire you — no matter how large or small your bedroom is or what your specifications are. In the end, do not forget to let us know which example you loved best!

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