One of the greatest advantages with wainscoting panels is that you can bring them up or keep them low. You can paint them in the color of your choice or choose to paint the wall above the panel in a contrasting shade. You can let them become the main wall décor or pair the panels with mirrors, artwork, or shelves. In any case, the room will be warmer and more interesting. And that’s exactly what you want in the dining room. Therefore, today, we shall try to explore some of the best wainscoting ideas which you can implement in your next dining room remodel to transform your space into a welcoming haven. But before we begin, let’s understand what is the function of wainscoting?

What is the purpose of wainscoting?

A wainscot, usually made from solid wood, is installed to act as a wall covering for the lower part of your walls. Homeowners previously used different types of wainscoting materials to protect houses that did not have proper moisture-absorbing constructions. However, currently, they are primarily used for decorative purposes.

Usually, as a rule of thumb, the height of cap rail should be at a height, one-third of the wall’s length, from the bottom. Moreover, you can add panel wainscoting over any surface, including drywall.

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