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Discussing data partnerships and technological advances, Howery reveals why the Tech Industry is no longer just a Silicon Valley coterie. Read the full article here

Industry leaders in renovation, financial, and real estate markets are starting to understand the home improvement gaps that Kukun is filling. “If the industries could capture customers intent early, they could grow them into opportunities,” being the take home point.

Home data processing

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Home Renovation and the resulting tangent services mentioned above have difficulty forecasting consumer needs in the marketplace. Cash availability for renovations talks about the post-necessity of good spending, and the unstable trends for renovation spending tend to use reactive instead of proactive data. This stems from an underlying need for a platform, like Kukun’s Estimator Application, to gain valuable data that will better understand the movement of consumers in the marketplace before they put money on the table.

This happens by relieving the stress point of consumers understanding specific project requirements, costs, and investment returns. Also specifics of consumer needs can be delivered to business industries. Among the factors  defined are: age, geography, demographic, behavioral changes and so on.

We will let Inman do most of the explaining. But it is an exciting time for big data, and the changes that are coming for home renovation professionals.

Read the full article published by Inman

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