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People often get confused in deciding the best option – a single family home, a condo, a townhouse, or an attached-unit home. Are you also baffled? Choosing the right type of home depends a lot on the person’s personal preference and lifestyle patterns. But, if you really want a comfortable life where your privacy will not be compromised then the single family home is the best option. As an added advantage, owning a place amidst nature, with trees, vegetation, colorful flowers and birds & attractive landscaping single family homes have no alternative. It provides ample space to live in style with all modern amenities like any city home yet out of daily hustle and bustle of the city life. You will be astonished to see the increasing demand for such properties across the country. So, know more and take a decision. 

Advantages of staying in a single-family home

Though many people make lots of mistakes while buying a house due to unawareness and overconfidence, the following points will definitely help you to buy the best. The following are some of the advantages of staying in a single family home: 

Advantage 1: Privacy and Isolation

Many individuals are increasingly concerned about their privacy, they like to avoid quarreling with the neighbors and unnecessary interactions. They avoid attached-unit homes or apartments as they value their privacy. The single family homes offer solitude and isolation to the residents of the house. Such houses isolate the inhabitants from the neighbors, the home dwellers have less opportunity to interact with the neighbors. The single-family homes are designed to encourage backyard activities and gardening. There are individuals who opt for lifestyle changes and they feel the need to invest in such property as they prefer to avoid disturbance from the neighbors. So, as far as the privacy and isolation are concerned, single family home has no alternative.

Advantage 2: Consumption & Spending

game room with pool tableGame Room (After Images) by blineconstruction.com [CC BY 2.0]

The compact apartments have less space to engage in consumer-oriented recreational activities. If you stay in an attached unit home then you may experience a shortage of space for indulging in recreational and fun activities. Moreover, your actions may pose a nuisance or disturbance to the neighbors. You can avoid by choosing a single family home. Such homes are designed and built in a way that you can consume and spend unhindered. These homes offer you the privacy that you need if you opt for changes in lifestyle. If you have additional space in your residence, then you can bring and store items in the empty space of the house. The single family homes have all the best aspects as far as consumption and spending are concerned.

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Advantage 3: Have a Bigger Yard

big backyard ideas

If you are looking for a larger private yard, then single family home is the right choice for you. In the attached units, the yards are normally small in size and shared with several families. You will not be able to do anything independently in a shared yard. So, go for a single family home for a bigger backyard. There you will have more time to spend outside, enjoy a barbecue or just playing badminton with your kids, you can plant some lovely flowering plants or any vegetables. Most importantly, you have not to take permission from anyone for whatever you do there as long as you are not disturbing anyone in the neighborhood.

Advantage 4: Attract Quality Renters

quality rentalVector de fondo creado por iconicbestiary – www.freepik.es

If you have a property like a house with limited space then getting quality renters can become a tough proposition. Smaller space with short-term renters tend to reduce in quality, they often are dirtier, have more complaints, and sometimes deny giving the rents on time. From this perspective, it is always wise to invest in property that is big like the single family home. Your property will be an attractive one for the quality renters who want a long-term rent. You will also get good families to take care of your asset causing no damage to it, paying rent right in time, and behaving well with neighbors.

Advantage 5: Everything You Wish To Do

Paying for Freedom

The greatest advantage of owning a single-family home is to retain the ability to express one’s individuality. With such a home you can use the backyard according to your choice and preference, you do not need to pay heed to the rules and regulations of the ordinary apartment dwellers. With a single family home, you can enjoy personal freedom by paying monthly payments, property taxes, etc.

No Shared Walls or Floors

In a single family home, you enjoy maximum privacy and you don’t have to worry about your neighbors playing loud music, then no part of any neighbor’s house touches your house and this eliminates noise related issues. However, in attached-units, you have shared walls and this may cause conflict between you and your neighbors over noise related issues.

Advantage 6: Room for Stuff & Space to Grow

Room for Stuff

In a single family home, you will never lack space for your new and old stuff. You can nicely preserve your or your kids’ old stuff as memories and use them whenever required. Old bikes, beach toys, extra clothing, unused furniture, and many other “not-so-important”, yet cannot be sold out or throw away for any reason can be nicely managed in this home. You will have enough attic space, garage space, basement space for managing lots of stuff. Many of these homes offer outdoor space to store recreation items, garden tools, and outdoor play items for the pets.

Space to Grow

If you have a joint family, then you need space to grow or else things can get difficult. The attached unit homes like the apartments do not have enough space. Therefore, it is good to invest in the single-family home that guarantees you maximum space to grow and live.

Advantage 7: Work Outside With Your Own Convenience

Working Outside

gardening tools

If you like gardening, flowering plants or vegetation and also want some free space for morning or evening exercise, nothing can be as good as having a single family house. From planting and caring your own vegetables for beautifying the lawn with varieties of colorful plants like ferns, amethysts flower, coleus, boxwood, etc., the single family home offers a meaningful and precise open-air space.


There is the condo or the attached-unit home and there is the single family home. At first, it may appear that the condos are better investments as they are cheaper, gives an option to stay close to the city. However, the disadvantages of residing in a condo cannot be ignored. It is because of these disadvantages that the increasing number of people now prefer in investing in the single family home. The single-family homes give you the option to grow, it gives you the privacy you need to maintain your lifestyle. With a single family home, you can engage in the activities of your choice without anybody interfering in your matters. You deserve privacy and a space to live in a style with the family. So, just go for it.


Why is Buying a Single Family Home a Good Option? was last modified: December 10th, 2020 by Corey Suker

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