Camille Gras is a young artist who practices a rare and ancient craft. In his workshop he designs, restores and creates a range of beautiful pieces in silver and silver-plate. Such meticulous and exciting work owes its codes and gestures to a long tradition. Camille is currently installed in the old goldsmiths’ district in Paris.

A silversmith’s job

At thirty years old, Camille Gras is the youngest silversmith in Paris, and one of the last craftsmen practicing this ancient art in the French capital. The young artisan works with solid silver and silver alloys to produce a variety pieces, including cutlery, vases and decorative items.

silver plated vase

Decorative vase made of hammered silver plated brass

silver plated Ice bucket

Ice bucket made of silver plated metal

Going through the door of his studio, in the city’s historic goldsmiths’ district, is to travel to the past – Camille still uses the tools that have been in the hands of gold and silversmiths over the centuries. He faces the same difficulties and challenges they did as he designs and restores silverware for several luxury brands as well as individual clients.

silversmith tools

Tools used by Camille


Camille at work

Camille Gras became an artisan when he was only 14 years old, and has been constantly working on his abilities ever since. He graduated from the prestigious École Boullé in Paris, and further developed his craft in Florence, Italy. He then spent time in the United States perfecting his skills before opening his own traditional workshop.

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Luxury, tradition and creation

The love for his work and the extreme care he brings to his creations quickly attracted the interest of great houses of Parisian luxury.

silver decor

Image credit: camilleorfevre

“I make unique pieces and I work the massive silver for high-end silverware. I also restore old items with the greatest respect to their origin and authenticity. I am therefore asked by the big luxury and silversmith houses of Paris, but also by individuals. I also create prototypes for architects and designers.”

Camille Gras knows how to give form to this most beautiful of materials and create unique pieces. He creates pieces of art, of worship and of precious decoration for often highly confidential collections.

Camille Gras at work

Image credit: camilleorfevre

“I also answer the specific requests or develop the prototypes for original creations. I like having the possibility of translating a good idea from someone else into a beautiful object. Jewelry, fashion accessories, tableware… the limits are only set by the most demanding commands.”

The workshop of Camille Gras has been awarded the French honorific of Entreprise du patrimoine vivant (EPV), which translates as Living Heritage Enterprise.

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