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Reader’s Question:

“I have heard that the best way to add future resale value to your home when adding an expansion is to include at least one bathroom within the remodeled area. Is this true, and is the benefit worth the cost of the new plumbing?”

From the Expert:

It’s true that adding a new bathroom can add to the overall resale value and worth of your home. However, as with all expansion projects, there are certain factors that homeowners must keep in mind when they are considering the addition of a bathroom within their residence. While most bathroom additions do, in fact, add value to a home, adding an unnecessary bathroom (or half bath) to a home can actually DECREASE value in the long run. Read on to discover when is the right (and wrong) time to add a bathroom to your renovation plans.

bath additionModern Bathroom by Amanda [CC BY-ND 2.0]

Here is the tool to help you determine the return on investment (ROI) of your renovation project

Some Important Factors to Consider:

    1. Location of the Bathroom

      If you can create a master bath in a location where there is none, it will definitely add to the value of your abode. Master en-suites (full bathrooms that connect directly to a bedroom) are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury in modern residential architecture.

    2. Floor Plan of the Home

      In a house where there are three or four bedrooms with only two bathrooms – a master bath and the other located in the hall for the other residents of the house – adding a third bathroom is a definite plus. You can incorporate the third bath off the living room or family room. Alternatively, you can also create a shared bathroom between two bedrooms, which makes it versatile and functional, and adds to the resale value of the property.

    3. Attached Bathroom or Master Bath

      Within a residence that is already equipped with one attached or master bath, adding a second master or “en suite” bathroom can boost the value of the property.

    4. Finishing Touches

      One of the things to keep in mind is finishes in the bath. If a homeowner adds a bath and it is very basic, it wouldn’t really add much value. However, nice finishes, attractive and not necessarily expensive, do make a big difference.

Precautionary Warnings

There are certain caveats that would NOT boost the value of the home:

    • The additional bathroom is in a poor location.
    • It is not in proportion to the rest of the home.
    • There are an excessive number of bathrooms in the house, i.e. more bathrooms than bedrooms.

Remodeling an Existing Bath

Homeowners who are not as keen to create expansions for their homes can also remodel their existing bathrooms. Remodeling a bathroom that has outdated fittings, or enlarging a smaller bath into a larger one can definitely help increase the overall worth of the home.

Remember that when undertaking a full bathroom remodel, certain fixture movements can make costly additions to your bill, and actually push your ROI into the red.

Adding a bathroom or remodeling a bathroom within a residential property will likely increase its resale value for the future. Keep in mind that this value differs for each property and depends on the overall price of the home.


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