Remember last month when a headline-making $1.21 million San Francisco disaster home received a virtual remodel? Well, we enjoyed discovering the hidden potential of that home so much, we decided to do it again. Using the details of a listing for a $1.298 million Sunnyvale, California, home along with pictures of the kitchen and living room we put our cost estimation and Projected Home Value tools to work. After creating a project plan, we sent everything to a renderer. The virtual renovation ended up with a projected total equity gain of $23,380, and some good-looking results.

Home details:

  • Price: $1,298,000
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1,120 sq.ft
  • Lot size: 5,146 sq.ft.

Kitchen renovation:

  • Estimated cost = $16,000
  • Estimated equity gain = $13,600

Finish levels (with Kukun’s Personalized Estimate feature, users can select from Good, Better, and Best finish levels for different parts of their project, from paint to HVAC. This helps determine where to scrimp and where to splurge, and provides a more accurate renovation cost estimate.):

  • Medium-sized room (10’x14′), no increase in room size.
  • Demolition: Good
  • Plumbing: Good
  • Plumbing fixtures: Better
  • Electrical: Best
  • Lighting: Better
  • HVAC: Better
  • Drywall: Good
  • Paint: Better
  • Cabinets: Better
  • Flooring: Best
  • Trim: Good

kitchen renovation

kitchen remodelImage credit: Arq. Mariana Bautista

Living room renovation:

  • Estimated cost= $9,780
  • Estimated equity gain = $9,780

Finish levels:

  • Custom size (10’x24′ = 240 sq.ft.), no increase in room size
  • Demolition: Best
  • Electrical: Best
  • Lighting: Best
  • HVAC: Good
  • Drywall: Best
  • Paint: Best
  • Flooring: Good
  • Trim: Good

living room renovation

virtual remodelImage credit: Arq. Mariana Bautista

The total estimated cost for both interventions came out to $25,780, with an equity gain of $23,200 and a new estimated home value of $1,347,000.

Curious to learn what your remodel could do to the value of your home? Then check out Kukun’s easy-to-use tools. Our Personalized Estimate feature uses a unique algorithm to generate the most accurate renovation cost estimates possible. With our Projected Home Value tool, you can see how different projects will alter the value of your home, and make informed renovation decisions. 


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