You’re already two years past the honeymoon and you and your husband just found out you’re pregnant. Of course, this finally has to happen when you two are just finalizing the specifics of your brand new house. We promise you’re not the only one who has stayed up tossing and turning as your thinking of all the different spills, falls and tumbles a kid is going to have. So when it comes to the carpet you are going to want something life proof. You know, a kind of carpet that will: stand up to multiple juice spills, throw up spills, and morning cereal cravings. Yet at the same time be comfortable, and of course last as long as possible. Most families get around 12 years out of their carpets, yet another big commitment. So I hope this guide helps you not make some crucial mistakes when picking out the best carpet for your new house.

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Going all natural sounds great, but do they hold up?

All professional carpet cleaning companies know that if a carpet is made of either one hundred percent all natural fibers or partial all natural it’s going to wear and stain way easier than a full synthetic. Another huge problem with natural fibered carpets such as wool, cotton, and corn is you or your professional carpet cleaning company uses an oxidizer aka OxyClean, Hydrogen Peroxide, H202 it will actually degrade, or damage the fibers. The o2 element is what gets all natural spills such as, milk, wine, blood, urine, grape juice, and coffee.

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Another product used to get all natural stains is enzymes, which, you guessed it, also degrade all things that are all natural, including your naturally fibered carpet. So as you have already guessed, any carpet with all natural fibers should be totally avoided. Make sure and not listen to the salesmen at your local carpet mill as they will try and sell you on the fact that they are stain proof, and come with a warranty.

If the carpet wears after 1 year, can’t I just file a warranty claim?

We recommend trying to completely forget about warranties on carpets all together as they are almost impossible to ever hold up to the promises. For instance, if your vacuum is self-leveling, which most are nowadays, or you have ever sprayed anything on the carpet and not rinsed it right away, you will automatically have your carpet’s warranty voided. I have been personally involved in numerous cases and I have never heard of a person ever getting a warranty completely fulfilled as they always try and put it back on the customer. I have even had customers tell me they went back and forth for months and still got nowhere.

Eco-friendly carpet options

Recycled plastic, AKA: PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) carpet fiber sounds like a great new green alternative to your normal nylon or polyester. It does have good intentions like finally figuring out what to do with all the plastic bottles we throw away every year. But there is one major problem with it, it wears, and will form black traffic patterns in less than one year of use. We have even seen this in under 3 months wear a carpet started out nearly one inch high, and in less than a year it was only half an inch long. It almost starts looking like office carpet on the walkways.

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The only types of carpet to consider buying

Next, we have polyester, yes a very big player in the industry. Easily second best carpet you can buy, cleans nice, holds up to wear and tear, can still be brought back to life for at least a decade.  Its been around for decades and is one of the softest in the industry. Last but not least we have the best carpet of them all, Nylon. Yep, there are still people out there that have 40-year-old nylon carpet that still looks new. So you know that stuff your parents had, or maybe still have? Nothing is easier to clean, and nothing lasts even close to what nylon does.

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So to recap, don’t ever buy carpet that any sort of all natural fiber such as wool, cotton, cotton etc., and don’t buy any that uses any recycled plastic as they dull easily, stain easily, and will end up costing you a ton in the long run. Remember that even though a carpet salesman might try and sell you a new age recycled plastic or corn husk carpet, just remember that the warranties offered aren’t worth your time.

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Either buy polyester or nylon, nylon is definitely the best, but if on a budget you can still get a middle-grade polyester and still be leagues above any of the other types available on the market.

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