The shower head seems like an afterthought. After all, it isn’t boldly demanding to have its style noticed. The vanity, mirror, tile, and more make bigger visual impressions. But the shower head is one of the most important parts of your bathroom because it’s where you start your day each morning. If your shower head doesn’t provide enough pressure, is an eyesore, or frustrates you every day, it makes it hard to start your day off right.

Take these thoughts into consideration when choosing the perfect shower head for your bathroom.


Price is always a consideration when making a change to your bathroom. And while it may seem like the most important factor at the moment, keep the long term in mind. Remember that you’re choosing to change a part of your home that provides both daily comfort and cleansing. This might be an area of the bathroom that is worth splurging a little

shower with adjustable nozzle

Traditional single-spray shower heads are typically going to be the least expensive option, and they often come with an adjustable nozzle to change the spray patterns. More trendy shower heads, like a rain shower head, will cost you quite a bit more.

rain shower headPhoto by Haydn Blackey

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There is a shower head to match any style. Even when opting for an inexpensive traditional shower head, you can choose different finishes to match the rest of your bathroom. If you’re remodeling your entire bathroom, now is the time to choose fixtures and elements that go together, including the shower head. If you’re simply replacing the shower head, aim to have its style match the rest of your bathroom.

bathroom stylesDesigned by @clarecousins \\\ Photo by #LisbethGrosmann


What needs do you have, and can a shower head help you meet them? Maybe someone in your family needs to sit on a bench while showering. A wall-mounted shower head may make it difficult to accommodate that need, while a handheld shower head can be detached from the wall for greater flexibility.

handheld shower headImage Source: maxpixel

Maybe you struggle to keep your shower clean. A ceiling-mounted shower head keeps the water flow to the center of the shower, reducing the amount of water that gets on the walls — effectively minimizing the risk of mildew growth.

ceiling shower head

Have people with drastically different heights in your home? Think about installing a sliding bar shower head. Mounted on a bar, the sliding bar shower head is easy to adjust for height. It can come as a handheld shower head as well.


If you like to stay on top of the latest trends, consider luxury. These days, bathrooms — especially master bathrooms are getting luxurious makeovers. People are recognizing the pleasure of having a mini spa in their own home. A rain shower head gives a luxurious experience — and often looks beautiful too.

mini spa Mulit-jet rain showerPhoto by Lou Stejskal


Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? A low-flow shower head can help you reduce the amount of water your household uses by thousands each year. And technology has improved over the years so that low-flow doesn’t necessarily equal low-performance. You can still find a luxurious, high-performing shower head that significantly reduces the amount of water you use each year.


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