After being extremely popular at one time, pedestal sinks are making a comeback again amidst the various types of sinks available in the market. They were the only kinds of sinks you’d see in most homes until they were replaced by boxy cabinet and counter combinations, but they are again back in style because pedestal sinks serve one purpose: they save space. 

What are pedestal sinks?

Pedestal sinks are extremely practical solutions to your bathroom sink needs. They consist of one basin, which also serves as the point of attachment of the faucet holes and a lower vertical column that hides the drainage pipe and supports the basin on top. 

pedestal bathroom sinks

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Why are the benefits of pedestal sinks?

Choosing the right bathroom fixtures is not a small task. As we mentioned, pedestal sinks are a no-frills utility item. 

  • Low cost

There is no peripheral requirement for a sink like this, and this means that the cost of buying one, and then the cost of having one installed, will not be as high as what you’d pay if you were getting a cabinet-and-counter type sink or another fancier variety. 

  • Easy to assemble

The assembly is also quite simple – just two supporting brackets to hold the basin and some strong screws to hold the pedestal and you are done, so if you are looking at minimizing installation charges, pedestal sinks are the most sensible choice. 

  • Occupies less space

In addition, with the shrinking size of bathrooms we have these days, pedestal sinks are your best bet to save valuable floor space. Imagine having a really small bathroom cluttered with a bathing area, a shower, a cabinet top for your washbasin and other paraphernalia! 

Now imagine the same bathroom with a sleek and stylish pedestal sink that takes up very little space, given that it’s only a column and a washbasin on top, and you’d automatically lean towards this. 

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Really, pedestal sinks are the best bet if you have a small apartment with a smaller bathroom and if you like the zen of what designers call negative space. You can even free up space for a pretty rug or even a soothing plant with the space you free up from not having a bulky, heavy-set cabinet-cum-washbasin type arrangement. 

  • Easy to remove

At the time of redoing or remodeling your home, you’ll find pedestal sinks are a blessing. They are easy to remove, easy to move and easy to reinstall and do not come with complications of having to move an entire cabinet below. It is a simple lift and easy to install provided you have the correct plumbing in place. 

  • Blends well with most bathroom decor

Since these are anyway sleeker than a vanity cabinet washbasin, pedestal sinks have the added advantage of blending seamlessly into the rest of your bathroom décor creating a clean, minimalistic and very modern look.

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What are the disadvantages?

  • Low storage space

It is a very sensible choice to invest in pedestal sinks for your apartment, but if you are looking for a lot of storage space, then pedestal sinks are not the best bet. Building a vanity unit around the stem of a pedestal sink is difficult and so impractical that there’s no point in even trying. 

  • Requires specific outlet points

You may need to change the inlet and outlet points of pipes and the flooring near the pedestal sink so you can install the heavy pedestal. 

  • Low counter space

It’s not just the vanity unit below, because the counter space on pedestal sinks is also pitifully inadequate. Some pedestal sinks do come with an apron around the washbasin, but that may not always be enough. Also, square-shaped sinks usually offer the most space. Even then, you can only store small items such as a tumbler for your toothbrush and razor, and not much else.  So if you are planning to keep things around, you may need to invest in additional shelving or cabinets. 

  • Requires additional storage units

You will need to have a floor-standing or even a wall-mounted cabinet or shelves to store the usual items – your hairdryer, cleaning fluids and brushes and the plunger, among other things. If you think an open shelf with such items will be in eye-sore, you need to have a closed cabinet installed, and the question comes back full circle – do you have space for it? If you do, a vanity cabinet-style washbasin might be a better option. 

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How do you install pedestal sinks?

Installing pedestal sinks is rather easy. You just need to have the inlet pipe coming in through the wall, and you have to choose a spot that is strong enough to support the weight of the pedestal. Also, you will need to install two hanger bolts to support the weight of the basin and to prevent movement. You can install the pedestal with a strong screw through the bottom into the subfloor

Are pedestal sinks still outdated?

pedestal sink

If you are considering a change in your décor, pedestal sinks are a great option if you are considering a mid-century-style upgrade. Pedestal sinks are gaining in popularity all over again, and this means that there are more options now to choose from than the staid sinks from before. You might even find a pedestal sink that has a vintage look and feel, or even an industrial look and feel, if that’s what you are considering. 


Even if you are not looking at a bathroom remodel, but just want to minimize clutter in your bathroom space, installing a pedestal sink will help you achieve that easily. Since pedestal sinks do not come with a lot of boxy, bulky additions, if you choose a sleek model, you will find it lends a great deal of airiness to your bathroom. If your bathroom is midsized, you can even get a sleek storage cabinet for your essentials and it will still take away the cluttered feel that an otherwise bulky vanity washbasin will add to your bathroom. 

While it may seem like pedestal sinks have a huge disadvantage of not offering enough storage space, if you can get slightly creative with your storage needs, pedestal sinks are a great addition to your home. One cannot deny the clean, uncluttered look of a pedestal sink, and how beautifully it lends itself to enhancing the spaciousness of your home. 

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