Christmas is the favorite season for many, because of the colors and the snow, but above all because of the lights, the brightness, and the stars. It is a tradition that from October-November the decorations begin to be done and the respective lighting is done. Christmas lights in a small house can be as impressive as the largest and most elaborate.

Actually, there are several steps to follow when decorating with simple Christmas lights:

Inspect the area to be decorated

what to do if a blizzard comes

Check that the area has enough power sources. Also, the area is safe to decorate, with no sharp objects. Also, check that is easy to install support structures for the lights, and that the tiles are not broken. Then, take pictures and write down the measurements and then draw your ideas.

Draw the design you want

The design of what you want (arrangement of lights, bulbs, colors, and decorative elements) on the photos of your house. Draw several possibilities and define if you will decorate only beams and ceiling and eaves or if you will include columns, etc. And with which style, candy cane, snowflake, grinch, etc.

Define the distance to decorate in feet (ft)

This will depend on the number of lights you will require. Take into account if it will be only the front and, the front or the sides. And calculate how many bulbs or Christmas lights you need to cover the space.

Buy the Christmas lights or bulbs and test them

chrismas light decor

You don’t want to make a wasted purchase. Also, remember to buy at least 10% extra bulbs or lights to replace.

Install the lights

Taking special care with the wires and wiring

How to install them?

These steps will guide you in this accomplishment


It is necessary to have a secure structure to install the lights. Rain gutter hooks work perfectly well or you can use adhesive decorating clips.

You can also use hot silicone as glue for the lights. Just be careful when removing it not to damage the light fixtures.

Type of lights

So, there are many options today but the most commonly used are, according to Camryn Rabideau:

  • mini string lights
  • wide-angle LED mini lights
  • Large bulb lights
  • LED rope lights
  • Icicle lights, etc.

No matter what type of light they are, what is really important is that they are for outdoor use.


small house with chirstmas lights

You’ll know that your house with Christmas lights is done when the lights are well distributed and separated. In harmony. To achieve this, you need to know how much distance to decorate measures in feet and how many bulbs you are going to decorate, dividing that to find the separation. If it is too much separation between bulbs, you can randomly estimate a separation, if you divide the distance to cover between the fixed separation will give you the number of bulbs needed to cover that distance.


If you do not feel comfortable or safe climbing to the ceiling to do the installations, it is best to hire trained personnel or hire an expert in Christmas light decorations to do everything from the design to the decorations.

Christmas lights are the perfect complement for the Holidays. I hope this guide about how to put Christmas lights on a small house has been informative

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