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Hardwood floors make every home looking classy, warm and welcoming. They’re the most durable kind of floors if they are treated properly. However, they’re a huge investment. In order to protect your investment and prolong their life follow these simple steps. You’ll not only find out that cleaning hardwood floors is a lot easier than you thought but also you’ll learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made when cleaning them.

Basic Cleaning of Hardwood Floors:

Step #1: Declutter the room. Remove any furniture which can be removed.

Mistake: Not investing in furniture pads.

We’re not talking only about the cleaning process here. Every small movement of the furniture can harm the hardwood floors. Using furniture pads will make the moving much easier. Thus, it will prevent your floors from getting scratched.

Step #2: Vacuum the floor.

Mistake: Not using the floor-brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. This again can harm the floor. By using an attachment with soft bristles you can protect the floor from getting scuffed.

hardwood floors

Step #3: Mop the floor. Dampen a mop with warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Mistake #1: Adding too much dishwashing liquid. This would leave stains on your hardwood floors.

Mistake #2: Not squeezing the mop. Before you start mopping the floor you need the make sure the mop is not wet, but just damp. Any excessive moisture can leave stains on the floor or cause it to swell.

 Step #4: Buff the floor with a dry cloth. To make it completely dry use a soft cloth and rub gently the floor in a circular motion.

Mistake: Using an inappropriate cloth. You need a cloth that is very soft and absorbent. Cotton is the best fabric for the purpose.

Step #5 (Additional): If your floor is still not sparkling, use another dry cloth and put a wood-floor cleaner on it. Again, use circular motions to rub the cleaner into the surface.

Mistake: Not using a wood-floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. Using the wrong cleaner can harm the hardwood floor. Always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

cleaning floors

Measures to Protect Hardwood Floors:

Step #1: Position mats outside exterior doors. Thus, the tracked-in dirt will be less.

Step #2: For rainy and snowy weather, provide an area for boot removal. Thus, you will avoid damage from water on your hardwood floors.

Mistake: Not providing slippers for your guests. Keep a few pairs different size slippers on hand to offer your guests. Don’t leave the impression of a sloppy hostess.

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Removing Scratches From Hardwood Floors:

Heel Marks: Use fine steel wool to rub in floor wax. Have in mind, you need to be very gentle, in order not to make the mark even worse. Use a dry cloth to remove any excess wax.

Oil stains: Put a few drops of dishwashing detergent on a cloth and rub the stain with it. This will break down the grease. After that rinse with warm water. Use a dry cloth to buff the floor and let it air dry completely. Finally,  use a fine sandpaper to smooth the raised grain.

Dark spots: Rub the stain with steel wool and floor wax. Apply a little bleach or vinegar. Let it soak for a whole. Rinse with a damp cloth.


How to Clean Hardwood Floors And The Mistakes You Should Avoid was last modified: December 10th, 2020 by Summer Shadforth

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