Atelier 124 is the result of the meeting between Lise and Thibault, two creators with complementary profiles. She is a designer, he is a cabinetmaker. Driven by their desire to experiment and create, they decided to combine their skills to start their own studio in 2014. Atelier 124 produces contemporary furniture at the crossroads between northern inspirations and vintage style.

Partners in life and work, Lise and Thibault met during their studies for a diploma in the craft of cabinetmaking. “Even though by then we had the idea to one day create our own place, we wanted to first work for other companies. As the market was blocked, we ended up starting our workshop earlier than expected.” Today, Atelier 124 is installed in the town center of Nancy in the northeast of France.

The success of the workshop owes a lot to the complementary skills of the duo. “We do not approach the creative process the same way. We start with a desire, an idea, and then we move to the drawing.”

furniture workshop

For the design of the first prototypes, Lise makes the first sketches and Thibault works on the technical aspects of the project. It’s real work for four hands according to Thibault: “I am generally more about the making, though Lise is also active in manufacturing. Our roles are definitely not locked.”

The team was first dedicated to the realization of customized projects, and the workshop quickly diversified its production to explore contemporary furniture and lighting, seeing them as opportunities to demonstrate their creativity and express their taste for the simple, effective lines of Nordic design.

furniture and lighting design You can also note the discrete references to iconic designs of the ’50s. For example, the coffee table Danse de Salon (Ballroom Dancing) boasts a retro aesthetic as well as reflection on today’s uses. Using the principle of a pullout table, Danse de Salon folds in for privacy and expands to receive people.

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contemporary furniture

contemporary furniture by Atelier 124

Rather than using exotic wood species, Atelier 124 uses local species such as beech, oak and birch, and shares an ecological sensibility: “Why look further if we have suppliers of high quality in our region?”

wooden table and chair

The creations of the workshop value the material and warmth of wood above all else. Color, present in discrete tones, acts as an indicator and highlights the beauty of lines and shapes. Still fascinated by wood, the duo is now considering the use of other materials such as metal, in particular through collaboration with other artisans.

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