Looking to modernize your kitchen? You may want to get a new copper kitchen sink to make a durable, beautiful and eco-friendly addition to your kitchen. While some believe that copper sinks aren’t the best choice for heavy use, others consider it to be a perfect addition to any kitchen. This article will touch on all the important aspects of copper sinks, helping you make an informed choice.

Is copper sink a durable choice?

Contrary to popular belief, high-quality copper is actually a very durable material. A hammered copper sink can last for a very long time, if maintained correctly. In terms of usability, a copper kitchen sink can be extremely versatile. It can withstand heavy usage on a daily basis. However, some copper sinks can be prone to scratches. Also, the smooth finish of copper is unlikely to remain for long if used heavily. The most interesting aspect of this sink is the fact that these scratches and dings will also add to the character of the sink.

How to maintain a copper sink?

Copper sink requires more maintenance than most of its alternatives. It is sensitive to heat, acid and harsh cleaning materials, requiring a more patient and careful maintenance from your end. While the maintenance process is more complex than normal sinks, copper sinks are naturally antimicrobial in nature. Clean the sink regularly to keep your sink in optimal condition.

How to clean a copper sink?

Strong cleansers can damage the patina of a hand-hammered copper sink. While this doesn’t necessarily damage the actual copper, rough sponges, hard chemicals and stiff brushes can destroy the finish of the sink. This will take away the beauty of this exquisite kitchen addition. You will need to clean the sink with a soft cleaner, warm water and a soft cloth after every use to boost the life of the sink. This will also help to prevent discoloration of the sink. You also need to remember to run water constantly while working with acidic foods near the sink. Foods such as pineapple, lemon and mustard can wear the finish of a copper sink.

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How safe is a copper sink?

Copper is known to be the most reused metal in the world. This shows the kind of demand that this metal has in various industries. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that copper is an extremely safe metal. It is durable and less likely to cause an accident under normal circumstances. High-quality copper sinks are antimicrobial, making it a very safe addition to your kitchen. A high-quality copper sink will contain almost 99% copper and 1% zinc for the added strength. The quality of the sink also depends on the thickness. The thicker the sink, the better the quality and higher the price. It is strongly recommended that you go for a high-quality copper sink for the best results.

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Is it easy to install a copper sink?

The traditional sink installation is pretty simple and straightforward. It usually drops straight into the countertop hole and sits firm. However, copper sinks mostly slide into a countertop gap, allowing the lower cabinet to support it. If you are not experienced, it is better to avoid doing it yourself. It is extremely important that the measurement of the sink is taken correctly to ensure a tight fit. Leave the installation to a professional to ensure a leakage-free setting. This will not only enhance the look and feel of your kitchen, but also improve the shelf life of the sink.

Getting a copper kitchen sink for your kitchen is actually a great idea. If you are willing to take care of some of the pointers mentioned in the articles, a copper sink can be the most perfect addition to your kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Get this premier copper product today and give your kitchen a renovated feel!

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