Everything you need to know about The cost of Bathroom Remodel

Tool for Estimating the Cost and ROI of a Bathroom Remodel

The time to renovate your bathroom is coming, or maybe it’s already here. It may be that your bathroom is looking tired and outdated. It might be decorated in someone else’s funky and (to you) color blind taste? Or perhaps you want to create an oasis of calm and cleanliness to start and end your day in. Whatever your reasons for taking on a bathroom renovation project, let’s get real – what you really want to know is the cost of a bathroom remodel.

First, relax – you’ve come to the right place. We have expertise in and experience with all aspects of every type of renovation, including how to pick the right pro, what a realistic timeline looks like and how to budget. Bathroom renovations happen to everyone, and knowing how to estimate the cost of yours can help make the process easier, stress-free and even pleasurable. After all, we believe remodels should be fun, exciting and customized to match your fabulous style. So let’s get down to it. If you’re like most people, one of the first things you want to know is: How do I estimate the cost to renovate a bathroom?

In the spirit of happy homeowners making smart choices to change up their space, here are some of the most important questions you should ask yourself when you’re figuring out the cost of renovating a bathroom.

What Do I Want to Change?

Bathroom remodel planningIn case you’re wondering, “Absolutely everything!” isn’t specific enough. Take the time to carefully consider what it is that made you want to renovate your bathroom. Does the space feel too crowded? Do you hate the color scheme? Are you sick of the cramped shower/tub area and want to treat yourself to a soaker tub? Perhaps all you really need is some new tile. By identifying exactly what it is that you really want to change, you can prioritize the items on your bathroom renovation list. That will help you to clearly see what you need your budget to cover.

When it comes to the figuring out the cost to remodel a bathroom, it’s always a good idea to establish a contingency budget. Adding about 20 percent of your total renovation budget should cover most if not all of the surprises you may encounter. Since you have already ranked your priorities, you know which aspects can be let go if unexpected bathroom remodeling costs arise and your contingency budget doesn’t cover them.

Submitting change orders is another cost considerations, because there no way to know every single detail before the projects begins. You might just see a roman bath faucet that you decide you can’t live without and need to work that into your plan. Will your contingency budget allow for that?

What Size of Bathroom Do I Want?

Size of BathroomCreating a bigger space means bigger bathroom remodeling costs. If you want to move (or remove) walls to make your bathroom feel larger, that won’t have as much of an impact on the cost of your project as adding additional square footage. The average cost for new square footage is $95/square foot, though this varies by location. Keep in mind that that figure is only for any added “dry space” – the level of finishes will also alter the cost.

Instead of adding square footage, you could consider rearranging the setup of your bathroom or selecting space-saving items, such as a pedestal sink instead of a large vanity, to make your bathroom feel larger. As you think about your new bathroom setup, remember that most changes to the layout come with additional costs – for example, moving the bathtub or sink will require new plumbing and electrical work to be done.

What Kind of Finishes Do I Want?

Bathroom finishesIf it’s premium finishes you’re after, you are going to have to up your budget of bathroom remodeling costs. High-end products (chic sinks, extravagant soaker tubs, name-brand fixtures) often have similar, more budget-friendly counterparts on the market. Planning ahead and keeping an eye out for deals can help you lower the overall cost of a bathroom remodel.

How Much Work Needs to Be Done?

Bathroom planningIt doesn’t end with finishes. You need to consider the extent of work that needs to be done to make your renovation dreams come true. If your what really irks you about your current bathroom involves the paint color, faucets, toilet, flooring or another cosmetic thing that doesn’t involve electrical or plumbing work, lucky you – the work is going to be considered a “light” bathroom renovation. Plus you probably won’t need a permit to have that kind of work done.

If your bathroom needs more than a facelift, and you’re looking at new plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work, and/or drywall, you have bigger renovation project on your hands, and will likely need a permit, as well as a contractor and/or subcontractors. And if you’re dreaming big about your remodel – such as custom finishes (stone replacements for tile, for example), interior structural rearrangement, and new doors and windows, your bathroom remodeling cost estimates should rise accordingly. Remember that whatever you choose for your new space always has a direct effect on the total cost of your renovation.

By considering exactly what it is that you dislike about your bathroom, you can identify the level of renovation that you want to take on, which will help you determine the cost of a bathroom remodel. Technology is a great tool you have at your disposal, and renovation cost estimators that take your location into account, involve years of industry knowledge and utilize hard data (like KUKUN’s) can give you a great idea of the cost to renovate a bathroom.

5 Things you Need to Know Before you Start Your Bathroom Renovation

When considering the cost of a bathroom remodel, you’ll want to keep in mind that you ultimately want a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. After all, the bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in a house. If your bathroom looks like it came straight out of another decade, you are probably eager to give it a new look. A bathroom renovation will usually increase the resale value of your house, another bonus. In any case, here are five factors to consider as you figure out the cost to renovate a bathroom.

1. Shower or Tub?

Before any work begins, think about the amount of space your household uses to bathe. A large, luxurious shower might in the cards for you, especially if you have a house of mostly adults. If there are children in the picture, then a large tub for bath time might be your best choice. A wise move is to think about which one you want to invest in before you gut your current bathroom.

2. Long-Term Accommodations

Do you plan to stay in your home for many years to come? If so, think about adding some features that would be helpful down the road, such as built-in shower seating. Railings may also come in handy once you get older. Until then, they can act as decorative towel holders.

3. Budget

The cost of a bathroom remodel depends on many factors, and you need keep your budget at the top of your mind throughout the process. Splurging on custom tiling or luxurious fixtures, for example, may not be possible. Outside of things you can buy, labor costs must also be considered – always do the math before making any final decisions. Doing so will help you avoid financial headaches later on.

4. Unexpected Issues

Maybe you recently moved in or don’t much about your home’s history – in any case, a great piece of advice for any renovation process is to expect the unexpected. Depending how old your home is and what the previous owners may have done, it’s possible that you will run into issues during your bathroom remodel. Whether it’s old piping or mold, you need to prepare ahead of time as best you can for any problems that pop up once work begins. At this stage, there’s no exact answer to the question “How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?” but do yourself a favor and work these potential “surprises” into your budget and timeline now.

5. Storage

Space for storage is one of those things that’s commonly overlooked in bathrooms, but everyone knows that keeping clutter at bay makes for a happier life. Especially important for homes with children, take storage into account when you’re looking at your bathroom remodeling costs and layout. You may want to consider built-in cabinets, shelves to hold extra towels and cleaning supplies, and a shampoo tower for your tub.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Before and After Bathroom Remodel Costs with Pics

Often overlooked when fantasizing about home renovations, your bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s where you wash away a hard day’s work and relax with a warm bath. To make your bathroom the perfect oasis of calm, it is important for your space to exude comfort, cleanliness and style.

In past articles, we used our imagination (and cool tech tools) to picture some home bathroom renovation before and after photos, and marvel at the transformation of somewhat-dilapidated bathrooms into stylish sanctuaries. The results were some incredible virtual renovations.

We’d like to show off a compilation of those experiments: three different home bathroom remodels that show just how much a bathroom can improve with a bit of work, whether you are looking for a bathroom makeover, or are planning on selling your home and want the potential increase of your return on investment (ROI).

Bathroom Remodels Before and After

Bathroom 1

We went for a total makeover in the first set of bathroom renovation before and after images. That included new flooring, a modern sink, shower and toilet, a new ceiling fixture, a couple of closet doors, and the application of precast concrete walls for a cool, contemporary look.

All while creating a project plan and estimate for a house in San Francisco.

Bathroom finish level: Best, with no room size increase. The projected cost of this bathroom renovation project was $8,530 and the estimated equity gain for the house in question was $5,970.

Bathroom before remodel
Alexis Figuera Bathroom before
Bathroom after remodel
Alexis Figuera Bathroom after

Image Credit: Alexis Figueira - REDFIN

Bathroom 2

The next bathroom we virtually tackled had much more space, including a bath and shower. The biggest standouts of this complete renovation were the upgrade of all the tiles and the replacement of the built-in bathtub with a freestanding bath that wasn’t as long as the original, giving us extra space to install a worktop for the sink.

The bathroom remodeling costs for this space in New York was $29,900, with an estimated equity gain of $20,900.

Bathroom before remodel
Mariana Bautista Bathroom before
Bathroom after remodel
Mariana Bautista Bathroom after
Image Credit: Mariana Bautista, For the Render

Bathroom 3

Our third set of home bathroom remodeling photos is from a smaller project with big improvements, including the plumbing (with an upgrade to modern, stylish fixtures), and the replacement of the tiles, toilet and sink. The estimated cost for all this work was $5,410.

Bathroom before remodel
Maria Saldivia Bathroom before
Bathroom after remodel
Maria Saldivia Bathroom after
Image Credit: Maria Gabriela Saldivia, For the Render

As these small bathroom remodel before and after renderings prove, the cost of renovating a bathroom can get you more than a great return, but you have to do it right. Keep in mind that if you plan to sell your home after the renovations, you should choose neutral colors and finishings that will fit with anyone’s sense of fabulous. A lot of new homebuyers don’t have the money (or don’t want to) put the work in right away, so a dull, outdated bathroom might be a deal-breaker.

On a Budget? Small Bathroom Renovations

There’s no two ways about it, you have a small bathroom. That being said, you are ready to renovate the space and make it more in line with your style and needs. Even those who don’t have much to contribute toward the cost to renovate a bathroom can make that happen, as there are plenty of fabulous small bathroom renovations that are easy on your wallet.

If you want to learn from some great small budget remodeling projects, check out “The High Low Project” – professional renovator Sabrina Soto never fails to inform and entertain. Now is the time to turn the style-on-a-budget bathroom of your dreams into reality!

Small-bathroom-renovationHow Much Would a Small Bathroom Renovation Cost?

A midrange bathroom remodel costs about $17,908, while an upscale renovation project costs a whopping $57,411, according to Remodelling Magazine’s 2016 Cost vs Value report. Any bathroom renovation will add value to your home – the estimated ROI of a small bathroom renovation is around 50%–60% of your investment.

Keep in mind that these bathroom remodeling costs assume that you’ll be replacing some major fixtures, such as the tub and sink, and perhaps re-tiling the entire flooring, extending your bathroom or even changing the layout.

Using our estimator tool will help you find a more accurate estimation of your small bathroom renovation. Our tool analyzes your needs and the different costs related to your renovation, all customized to your zip code!

Budget-Friendly Small Bathroom Renovations

With a little planning and dash of creativity, your bathroom renovation can be your best project yet. Here we’d like to share four of our favorite budget-friendly renovation options for a small bathroom.

Bathroom walls renovationPaint Your Bathroom Walls

Paint is one of the most cost-effective choices for making a big change in your small bathroom. A fresh color palette instantly adds style to any space, and it makes it look bigger too.

If your current bathroom tends to be dark and gloomy, you might want to opt for something light or neutral, which will give the illusion of a bigger bathroom even if you don’t have a bigger bathroom budget.

Maybe monochromatic earth tones or contrasting colors are more your style. One hot trend is painting the upper portion of the walls to match the design of the floor tiles. Borders are a great way to break up the monotony while adding a focal point or accent to your space.

There are lots of paints in a huge range of colors that are specifically made for bathrooms. This might the perfect DIY project you’ve been looking for, one that requires a few tools that are available at your local Home Depot or hardware store. Or you can always choose to hire a professional to do the job.

Refurbish FixturesRefurbish or Replace Fixtures

An outdated bathroom gets a blast of modern style when you refurbish or replace the original fixtures. You should note that the cost to remodel bathroom fixtures varies a great deal, so you’ll have to do your homework. Old faucets, shower heads and lighting fixtures are available in a variety of unique and trendy designs, which you can put together to create the chic vibe you're looking for. Some of today’s fixtures are even eco-friendly (promoting conservation of water and electricity), so you can do your part for the environment while saving money on your bills.

If your budget permits, you can replace your existing sink with a pedestal sink to save space. There are also smaller toilet seats and tubs available that will help you maximize your space (and minimize the cost to remodel your bathroom).

Increase LightingIncrease Lighting

Increasing the amount of natural or artificial lighting is a great way to make your small bathroom look bigger and keep the cost of a bathroom remodel something you can handle. Poorly lit bathrooms give off a gloomy vibe. If you have a too-small window, look into making it bigger and see if that’s within your means. Besides, you’ll not only be let in more natural light, you also get better ventilation.

Old light fixtures you don't like can often be easily replaced with modern ones that you love. Perhaps replacing the regular light fixture with a small chandelier at the center of the bathroom will add the elegance you’re looking for. Note that today’s energy-efficient light bulbs provide the same or even better lighting.

Replace Worn-Out TilesReplace Worn-Out Tiles

Worn-out tiles look tired and grungy. All tiles wear down over time, so you may need to replace yours – just make sure you get the right contractor for the job.

You can install tiles that perfectly reflect your sense of style – around your tub, halfway up the walls, or even as a decorative border or to break up a two-toned wall.

Now maybe your tiles are looking a little tired, but are still worth saving. With a little elbow grease and a DIY kit for cleaning surface dirt and old grout, you can make them look like new. However, if they really do need replaced, there are great deals online or you can visit nearby dealers to check out the latest trends (and what’s on sale).

Remember, the cost of a bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be over the top. All you need is some creativity, research, resourcefulness and time to devote to the renovation project. A smooth renovation process and a beautiful outcome are yours for the taking.