If you’re a fan of architectural marvels, chances are you will not let the stairs in your house be boring and commonplace. You will go for a modern staircase design that will leave your guests awestruck.

When installed with proper planning and care, designs of stairs inside the house may easily transcend their primary function and become sculptural works of art. A great staircase can easily make an ordinary place come alive. Therefore, if you’re planning a home remodeling, do get in touch with a good interior designer and get the best staircase design ideas

The ideal staircase designs take into account both form and space. They utilize the area in a pleasing way and give a good focal point in the room.

Once you give your staircase a beautiful design, it will definitely add value to your house. Think gentle, swooping lines that lead the eyes from the base to the top in an aesthetic way.

To help you create the staircase of your dreams, we have put together 10 modern staircase designs that are beautiful to look at while adding functionality to the house. We hope, they will inspire you. So, let’s begin with some modern staircase types, designs, and ideas. 

1. Unique, Angled Staircase Design

If space comes at a premium for you, you can create a stylish, angled ladder-style staircase that will take up a very little area to install. Think wood for a variegated look.

2. Timeless Wooden Staircase

This great-looking staircase is made of real wood and matches the rest of the interior design. In a way, it’s rustic yet timeless. You can create an eclectic mix in your modern home with this kind of staircase.

3. Artistic Mosaic Staircase

fish made in mosaic tile

Some staircases are so beautiful they belong in a museum. This mosaic staircase is quite unforgettable due to its elegant design. The wood and tile combination looks straight out of a magazine.

4. Prefab Ladder-style Staircase 

Looking for a budgeted staircase option? Go for a ladder-style prefab. Such a staircase is as simple as it gets and comes without risers. The best part is, it’s easy to install and looks chic.

5. Modernistic Winding Staircase

Modernistic Winding Staircase

Here is another modern staircase design that we love. The simple wooden winding steps — complete with treads, risers, and glass baluster — look elegant. It’s a great layout for a large living room.

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6. Staircase With Glass Balustrade

Talking of glass balusters, here is another design that features it — but in a different style. Instead of a railing, this staircase is set against a glass wall that doubles up as a balustrade.

7. Loft Staircase

white loft stairs

Here’s a hanging loft staircase that is creatively designed. The hardwood steps without risers are more utilitarian than stylish. They have such a small footprint that they are almost like a ladder. A perfect fixture for a small apartment.

8. Steel Staircase

For a completely industrial and modern vibe, you can go for a no-frills steel staircase. It’s not just functional but also looks very attractive.

9. Glass Stairs

Glass Stairs

A glass staircase is the perfect visual centerpiece for your home. It’s sleek, modern, and dazzles the eye with its artistic design.

10. Modern Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircase

Somethings are eternal. A spiral staircase is one such feature. Such staircases save valuable square footage as they occupy a much smaller area than a conventional one. This modern design is made of metal and looks quite structured.

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The staircase in a house provides an extremely important design element. With the right kind of style and make, you can create a staircase that’s as eye-catching as possible. Whether it has a traditional design, an unconventional look, or sleek compactness — staircases showcase endless design possibilities.

We hope our modern staircase design will help you choose an interesting staircase for your home.

10 Creative Modern Staircase Design Ideas was last modified: September 28th, 2022 by Ramona Sinha
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Daphne Gilpin
Daphne Gilpin

It stood out to me when you said that spiral staircases will always be popular due to their classic design and space-saving benefits. My husband and I plan on having some major remodeling done to our small single-family home later this year, including the installation of a new staircase and balustrade. Your article helped me see why a spiral staircase might be a good option for our home, so thanks for sharing!

Rebecca Gardner
Rebecca Gardner

Thanks for explaining that combining simple wooden steps with a glass baluster can create a staircase that looks elegant and functions well in large spaces. My husband and I like the idea of having a custom staircase installed in our home to help the entryway look more impressive and stylish. Your article had some unique design ideas that I’m excited to discuss further with a staircase contractor, so I appreciate you taking the time to share!