Who doesn’t desire sprawling bungalows with extra rooms, space, and storage? But, with more people wanting to live near city centers, small space living is becoming the norm of the day. Thankfully, there are plenty of creative small apartment interior design hacks that will create an open, efficient, and stylish space for you.

With proper styling and meticulous planning, you can actually make a tiny home feel pretty huge. Use your creativity to transform your small space in such a way that you are not overwhelmed by its size.

We have 13 clever hacks that will prove to you that a small apartment doesn’t have to sacrifice style. With a little imagination, innovative furniture, and smart space-planning and storage ideas, you can come up with a beautiful small apartment interior design while optimizing every precious inch of your home’s square footage. So, here goes. 

1. Loft Bed

Overhead LoftPhoto by designmilk on Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Who says a bed has to take up space on the ground? We don’t. Get your creative juices flowing by installing this overhead bed. A simple movable ladder against a closet makes the climb easy while utilizing minimum space. Notice how the loft is on top of an area that doubles up as a kitchen. We love the way the bicycle is positioned on a wall-mounted wooden rack. The overall design saves space quite effectively. See how this meager 140-sq-ft apartment has been made functional with clever planning.

2. Wall-mounted Foldable Rack

Wall-mounted rackPhoto by designmilk on Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

A great space-saving alternative to having large counter space is to install wall-mounted racks. You may even install a mirror to them in order to add depth. These racks can double up as a mini bar, vanity, or even a desk. Crafty, isn’t it?

3. Stackable, Light Furniture

Stackable furnitureBofinger chairs – Helmut Bätzner, MNAM, by Sandstein, from Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Furniture plays an important part in your small apartment interior design. When considering how to furnish a tiny pad, choose items that are light-weight and easy to store. With these stackable chairs, you can minimize space by storing them away when not in use.

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4. Extra-large Mirror-cum-cabinet

Extra-large mirror in a small homePhoto by designmilk on Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Installing mirrors is a simple yet effective way to add an illusion of more space in a small area. If you have a tiny room, you can give it depth by putting up an extra-large mirror in front of the bed. The mirror will not only make the room appear larger, but also bounce off the ambient light in the room and make it brighter.

5. Room Divider That Doubles As Storage

Room Divider With StoragePhoto by designmilk on Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

If you have a tiny apartment, you must not make it look smaller by breaking it up with extra walls. Instead, install such space dividers that double up as full-fledged storage solutions. A bookshelf, in this case. You can even add extra storage for utilities such as linen, clothes, etc. 

6. Maximum Space Utilization

Studio apartmentPhoto by designmilk on Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Even if you only own a studio apartment, the key is to utilize the small living space in a maximum way. Look at this design and you will know what we mean.

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There’s a kitchen, sitting area, bedroom, clothes rack, and what have you. To help create the illusion of more space, stick to only one light-reflecting color such as white or beige for the walls.

7. Less Invasive Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding doorPhoto by shannonrphillips on Pixabay [CC0]

If you live in a small house, the first thing you should do is replace all your swinging doors with the less invasive sliding ones. They require minimum space to open and give a neat, modern look to the apartment.

8. Clever Built-ins

Clever Built-insPhoto by designmilk on Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

You can install a DIY built-in shelf that allows you maximum storage space on a budget. Apart from giving the room a streamlined look, it helps organize your books and files in an orderly fashion. This kind of setup is perfect for a home office

9. Combining Space

Combining space in a small apartmentPhoto by Home2home on Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain]

An easy and effective way to utilize a small apartment spatially is to combine rooms to save space. Here, the living room also houses a small study with wall-mounted storage for books. Even the wooden floor and flowing light-colored drapes do their bit to make the room appear larger than it is.

10. Usage Of Vertical Space

Utilizing vertical space in a small apartmentPhoto by Niki Nagy from Pexels CC0

Don’t just think of your apartment in terms of floor plan. Instead, remember that you have lots of vertical space at your disposal, too. Install wall-mounted hangers and racks to store your kitchen items, pots, and pans. We don’t have to remind you that a rule of thumb for a tiny house is to keep things to a minimum. Less stuff, less clutter.  

11. Smart Small Apartment Interior Design

Small apartmentPhoto by StockSnap on Pixabay [CC0]

We love this simple yet well-thought-out design. A utilitarian bed with multiple storage units, wall-mounted racks, an unobtrusive desk, and a chic, minimalistic stool make this space look organized and clutter-free.

12. Compact Dining

Compact wooden dining tablekitchen & dining room (small apartments in Paris), by audinou on Flickr [CC BY 2.0] from Marie Claire Maison magazine www.marieclairemaison.com

Needless to say, when it comes to a small kitchen, you don’t have the liberty of separate dining space. Opt for a compact dining table and chairs (in this case, an aged wooden table with benches) and place them in the area between your living room and kitchen.

13. Storage Bed

Bed with storagePhoto by Wicker Paradise on Flickr – blog.wickerparadise.com [CC BY 2.0]

We have saved the best for last. When it comes to small apartments and space-saving hacks, we cannot miss the most obvious and effective one — a bed with storage. This design is perfect for a bookworm who loves to own a private library but is bound by space. Notice how efficiently the issue has been taken care of. You can use such a storage for items other than books too. Think linen, season-specific clothes, or other unused items.

Final Thoughts

Being tight on space is no reason for you to compromise on style or live a cramped life. With careful planning, space-saving, and interior design — you can transform your living area into a more spacious and organized unit.

Our 13 creative small apartment interior design hacks will help you unleash your house’s true spatial potential. And, the best part is, they don’t even require you to break the bank — these are perfect solutions if you are planning a cost-effective home remodeling for your tiny but loved space.

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