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When most people think about home improvement for resale, they are picturing things like installing Energy Star appliances, repainting, re-carpeting, and even remodeling their home entirely. However, you do not need to bring in contractors and break the bank just to sell your home. Many DIY fixes are quick, cheap, and easy. While accent walls and decorative fixtures can certainly help, you want to start where prospective buyers will: the front of the home. Here are a few ways you can increase your curb appeal, achieve a good first impression, and sell your house at a better price.

Plant Flowers

Garden flowersPixabay

If you are selling your home during spring or summer, flowers are going to be your best friend. The bright splash of color as you walk up to the home will make your house feel inviting, cheerful, and homey. The colors will put your buyers in a good mood, and they may even feel more positive about your home, even if you are asking a little more than they would like. Want more information about springtime gardening? See this helpful guide from GardenersPath.

Select Hardy Plants for Landscaping

Of course, big, leafy, beautiful plants can be fun to decorate your yard with. They make things look lush, green, and healthy with ease. However, plants like these tend to need more care, requiring more water, pruning, and pest control. Hardy, drought-resistant plants can make your yard look just as full and healthy while adding a selling point to your home. If prospective buyers know that the beautiful yard they just saw is low maintenance, they are more likely to view the home as valuable.

Lay a Paver Path

Pavers are small, inexpensive bricks that can be used to easily lay a beautiful garden path. Even just a short one winding through your new flowerbed can add character and appeal to the house. The prettier and easier to maintain your front yard is, the more appreciative your prospective buyers will be. A well-kept, landscaped yard says you care about your house and how it looks. It’s a sign that the inside has probably been well-cared for as well.

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Place Scalloped Garden Edges

Edged gardens and flowerbeds have a finished look to them that many home buyers find appealing. Decorative stone edging is a great way to add flair to your walkway and make your landscaping pop. When combined with fragrant bark, your landscaping can very easily look professionally done without the expense of hiring a landscaping crew. Be sure to compare prices as decorative stone edging can end up costing more than you might think if you buy it at the wrong price.

GardenPhoto by Jasper33, via Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

Making your yard and walkway look inviting is the first step to increasing the value of your home. The front yard or porch is going to be your buyers’ first impression of the property and, with a bit of added color and décor, it can be the reason you close the deal. Do a little research and plant drought-tolerant plants as well as seasonal flowers for that pop of color.

If you can afford it, lay a cute walking path through some of your new landscaping. Finally, for a clean, professional, and polished look, try adding decorative garden edging. Your buyer’s heart will be set before they even enter the home.

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Curb Appeal: Easy and Cheap ways to Increase Your Home’s Value was last modified: June 12th, 2019 by Paul Denikin

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