Home renovations are on the rise. As the economy improves, so does the ability to invest in home renovations. The home renovation industry in Dallas, witnessed more than 4 BILLION Dollars spend on home renovation projects in 2015, which is roughly 30% higher compared to 2014 for the same number of projects. Data reveals that people invest in kitchen renovations more than any other project. Why? Because of the high ROI (return on investment) it has on any property. You’re more likely to sell a house with a new kitchen, than one with a new pool. Bathroom renovation is next popular choice, on average people spend $22K on their bathroom renovation projects.

Impressive how the home renovation industry is a multi-billion dollar machine. There were 230,000 renovation projects estimated in the last five years, worth a cool $17 Billion. On average we saw $3 Billion spend on home renovation projects in the last five years. Jaw-dropping right? But how are these gigantic amounts spent? The popular guys who take home the biggest part of the pie are single family renovations, specially kitchens

Popular Renvation Projects

  •  Single Family addition = 5730
  • Single Family new construction = 6154
  • Single Family Renovation/Alteration = 117,704
  • Multi Family addition = 133
  • Multi-family renovation = 13618
  • Multi-family new construction = 3585

Home Renovation Industry

Average Project Costs

  •  + Bathroom  = $13k – $32k, on average $22k
  • + Bedroom  = $25k-$45k, on average $36k
  • + Electrical = $4k-8k, on average $5.8k
  • + Kitchen = $22k-$76k, on average $42k

Check out this infographic on average project costs from 2010 to 2015:

Home Renovation Industry

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