Modern Glamour From Traditional European

Traditional pieces accented by clean lines and modern touches. Traditional interior design reflects classic European décor. Wood tones, architectural details, and elegant furnishings.
Words that describe this decorating style: Traditional, European, luxuriant, glamorous, classic, chic, delicate
The “canvas”: Spaces are usually white, with wooden floors, vertical windows and high ceilings with decorative trims.
Decoration: introduction of modern or high-tech pieces that break the softness of the space, often metallic, dark and cold.
– Minimal colors and patterns
– Fanciful and decorative style
– Lacquer finishes
– Metallics
– Accented details in gold, bronze and gilt
– Usual presence of a crystal chandelier
– Architectural details and elegant furnishings


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hanging wall mirror

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bronze mirror frame

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light pendants

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Classics Reinterpreted

Words that describe this decorating style: Gothic, Victorian, Rococó, Georgian, maximalist, revival, classic, opulent, strambotic
All the classic styles reinterpreted, taking them to a modern look by exaggerating the identifying elements (crystal chandeliers, strong palette of colors, excessive decoration on mirror frames or low tables…)
The “canvas”: Spaces with all walls usually painted in the same tone. Architectural elements on the ceiling, doors and on the base of the walls.
Decoration: Spaces are filled with as many pieces of furniture, fabrics, and accessories as possible (due to both an attempt to showcase new cultural interests and status).

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– Luxurious fabrics
– Inlaid details are applied
– Decorative porcelain
– Flamboyant, rich. Excessive decoration
– Decorated with floral elements, various leitmotif or scenes drawn from History
– Golden elements
– Mirrors.
– Often enormous candelabras and chandeliers
– Dark colors for the walls, ceilings and floors: walnut and mahogany browns, black, and shades of plum, mustardy yellows and gold.
– Fabrics: silks and velvets.
– Patterns range from plants and animals to geometric patterns.
– Furniture is typically opulent and extravagant.


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Black Chandelier

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fabric dining chair

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velvet armchair

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coffee table decor

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Modern Minimalism

Words that describe this decorating style: simplicity, dull, clean, bright, white, Japanese style, Scandinavian style, clear, simple, delicate
Extreme accuracy, without heavy backgrounds. The emphasis is on simplicity, light and continuous flows.
The “canvas”: spaces are mostly white, with many openings to let natural light in. No trims, no plinths.
Decoration: simple furniture, few mobile elements. Part of the decoration is made by presenting a wall with a special treatment of textures, materials or patterns.
– Natural essence. Neutral, dull colors
– Clean surfaces. No scenery, no details.
– Wood floors
– Line, form, space, light and material are conceived in a very elemental way
– Openable walls and sliding doors
– Flow between interior and exterior
– Use of transparency. Lot of light
– White walls
– White color, light browns


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Table Lamp

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modern coffee table

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seat cushions

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Words that describe this style: masculine, Scandinavian style, sophisticated, expensive looks, high-tech, Maverick style, eccentric
Colors are balanced. Dark neutral colors, use of lighting to highlight objects or give special effects within a space. Because of their openness, contemporary interiors are especially well suited to large-scale furnishings, art and accents.
The “canvas”: Contemporary design is oriented along strong axes. The structure of a space becomes an integral design component on its own.
Decoration: It can have an inventive and unconventional approach, with explosive or eccentric pieces of furniture, art and even structure. Contemporary furnishings have clean lines and striking profiles.

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– Form (geometric shapes)
– Glossy metals
– Dark wood, ceramics or polished concrete in floors, walls and ceilings
– Less is more: keep accessories simple, few and well-chosen.


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modern dining table

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modern chairs

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Urban Style / Industrial Look

Words that describe this style: masculine, unfinished, rough metal, exposed structure, bricks, concrete, steel, copper, lofts, young, urban, industrial
Popular for decorating lofts and old buildings converted into living spaces. It is important to create an illusion of rough surfaces and materials that suggest an industrial past.
The “canvas”: industrial spaces. Big open rooms with exposed structure and installations.
Decoration: furniture is minimal and full of purpose, with strong, clean lines and excess-free. Mix new pieces with reclaimed ones.
– Walls or surfaces unfinished
– Shades of grey. Use of metals
– Exposed bricks, steel beams
– Exposed concrete, unfinished wood
– Standing floor lamps and pending lamps (either super modern or super distressed)


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industrial table lamp

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Modern Happy

Words that describe this style: colorful, retro, graphics, happy, fresh, dynamic, young
Playful approach of the decoration, colors and prints choice. Walls (“canvas”) often white, allowing a well-edited use of colors. The focus is on fun, not on elegance.
The “canvas”: Spaces full of light.
Decoration: Prints with geometric shapes and lines and bright colors.
– Use of Pop Art illustrations
– Lacquer finishes on the furniture


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linen pillowcase

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area rugs

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linen fabric sofa

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Exotic Bohemian

Words that describe this style: ethnic, vintage, Boho-Modern, colorful, maximalist, exotic, mosaics, rugs, cool, trendy, fashionist, young
Mixed of styles, grounded by modern furnishing. Maximalist well edited.
The “canvas”: not defined
Decoration: The space is decorated with Ethnic and vintage pieces, furnished with fabrics (rugs, curtains, and upholstered sofas)
– Dynamic contrasts
– Patterns and layering
– Colorful prints mixed with neutral and textures
– Statues of Gods from different religions as part of decoration
– Mosaics for sinks, coffee tables, mirrors.
– Carved wood furniture
Colors: Earthy colors, dark colors, mixed with warm colors (curry, cumin, light brown, red, orange, turquoise, fuchsia…)


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hand carved wood cabinets

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oriental pillow cover

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hand carved coffee table

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handmade lamps

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Modern Rustic, Earthy Neutrals

Words that describe this style: rustic, wood, natural, cozy, American Colonial, Southwestern
Related to rustic villas, sunny patios and an old-fashioned sense of family. Often called American Colonial style in the US. Natural elements and colors inspired by the Spaniards, Mexicans and Native American Indians. Tends to be an eclectic look that emphasizes nature.
The “canvas”: Rustic spaces, often with exposed wood timbers and stone walls.
Decoration: furnishings have solid profiles and a rough sensibility. Mix and match of crafted pieces from wood and iron. Carpeted floors. Wrought iron, candles, sculptures and animal skins. Paintings are not usual

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– Main materials: wood, reclaimed lumber and stone
– Some rough finishes
– Woodwork and trim used widely
– Rustic mixed with modern
– Lots of textures and finishes


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rustic end tables

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faux wood table lamp

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bronze planter

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Modern Country

Words that describe this style: rustic, elegant, country, floral, pastel colors, feminine, soft, time-worn, welcoming
Influences from English Country, French Country and Shabby Chic. It is cosy and comfortable but sometimes cluttered.
Classic furniture and patterns typically eccentric. This style can be called rural chic.
The “canvas”: fireplaces, wood beams, stone or wood floors.
Decoration: Crystal candleholders, vases of fresh flowers. Robust, bulky furniture
– Furniture finishes are nice, but often show signs of wear and distressed.
– Surfaces painted or with a slight patina
– Bright colors-white, pastel colors
– Natural and floral patterns
– Use of wallpapers, rugs, flowers
– Stone, brick or wooden floors

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