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When you think back to the seventies you might remember some great things: The Rolling Stones, the beginning of disco and movies like Saturday Night Fever or Star Wars. However, not everything about this psychedelic decade was groovy… Especially when it came to interior design. Remember when the mixture of bright colors, shag carpet, woodchip wallpaper and avocado bathroom suites were all the rage? A recent survey revealed the seventies was the absolute worst decade for home decor.  According to Mirror 43% of voters agreed the seventies was the worst. The eighties came in second with 16% and the nineties turned out to be the best decade for home decor with only 3% of the votes.

bathroom tubPixabay

Fast forwarding to 2016, MarketWatch shared the latest on home trends for this year. Though the souped up toilets might be too much for an average household, there are some trends we can adopt. From built-in compartments for your kitchen gadgets and spices, to high-up cupboards that can be lowered with the touch of a button, the face of cabinetry is changing for the better. We are also fans of under-the-counter fridges, which are great when you lack space in your kitchen.

Product-wise, if you are looking for really cool and multifunctional lighting (and have some money to spend) be sure to check out The Cloud by Richard Clarkson Studio. Inspired by a thundercloud, ‘The Cloud’ is a lamp with speaker. Motion sensors let it mimic a unique thunderstorm in both sound and light, and you can stream music via Bluetooth. This is one awesome design!

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Ready for some interior design inspo? We’re loving Kristine from The Painted Hive’s impromptu coastal bedroom makeover! Kristine decided to transform the master bedroom of her parents beach house giving it a fitting style. It only took her one and a half days and she didn’t need to paint, switch curtains or replace the floors for such an amazing result! Read her blog to see how she managed to accomplish this beauty, simply by updating the decor.

If you are looking for more inspiration for your bedroom makeover, check out these bedroom design ideas we rounded up for you. Treat your eyes to these stunning sleeping spaces, and get ready for bedtime.

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