The design world is full of terms and names for distinct styles. Many consumers and interior design enthusiasts may know what they like, but not what the style they gravitate toward is called. Kukun is here to give you expert advice on what characterizes a style, so you can find your personal interior design aesthetic.

What is industrial interior design?

The term “industrial” in the interior design world refers to a style that is very popular right now.  One of the keys to industrial interior design is exposing and highlighting the existing structural elements of a building. This means exposing pipes, beams, and the like. Unfinished elements are especially put on display.

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How to get an industrial look

There are many things that can help give your home an industrial look. High ceilings and large, open spaces work best for this style, so if you have a city loft, all the better. Repurposed metal and wood furniture, and factory fittings and lights instantly say “industrial”. Natural, exposed brick, steel (in beams and columns), concrete on floors or countertops, rough timbers, exposed bulbs, and eclectic furniture are also key elements of this style.

Simple, clean lines and a heavy feel are integral elements of industrial design, and clutter is nonexistent. Abandon the idea of “polish” – industrial design is all about rough metal and wood surfaces, unfinished walls, rough and dull textures, and a lack of gloss. Monochromatic color palettes are also commonly associated with this style.

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If you like the industrial look, but are a bit concerned that it may be too cold or sterile for your everyday life, there are a few ways to warm up the look. Incorporate plants, and mix industrial style elements with contemporary, comfortable sofas and pillows. By mixing these elements, you can achieve a look that’s both industrial and homey.

industrial design for homes

industrial design interior


Three reasons you may like industrial style:

  1. Take it back to the foundation: Industrial interior design is all about exposing the structure of the building, with brick, cement, steel, and rough wood surfaces.
  2. Simplicity: Clean lines and a lack of clutter characterize this style.
  3. Mix it up: You can mix industrial elements with other contemporary furnishings to achieve a warm-yet-industrial look.

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