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Once you’ve decided to invest in a home renovation project and determined your budget, it’s difficult to contain your excitement. Thoughts of a more functional, aesthetically pleasing living space can quickly build your anticipation. However, this type of anxiousness can lead to errors and disrupt your renovation schedule. Learn from others and avoid these four common home renovation mistakes as you create your ideal space.

1. Opting for the first contractor in the directory

When hiring a contractor, it’s rarely a good idea to go with the first person you find – at least without checking his or her references. There is a wide world of contractors on the market who can take on your renovation project. The real question is, “Who is the right person for the job?” Take your time as you look for a certified professional to handle the work. Ask for references and reviews from previous customers to get a better idea of who is worth your hard-earned money.

2. Guesstimating your measurements

measuring tape


You will only make your project tougher by guessing your measurements, rounding up, or assuming you know the dimensions of your space. Allow your contractor to take accurate measurements throughout the entire project. If you’re responsible for taking measurements, dedicate time and effort into getting them right. In the end, you’ll have the renovation results you envisioned at the start.
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3. Focusing on demolition

It’s possible to create more work for yourself than necessary when you focus on demolition – think of the repair work that will come with demolishing more floors and walls than necessary. Before you eliminate any existing structures in your home, make sure that you’ve completely planned out the renovation section of your living space. This will let you know which areas are fair game in terms of demolition before you begin.

4. Failing to obtain permits

While it’s true that you may own the land that you live on, you still need to consider your town or city and its existing regulations. It’s critical to obtain the proper permits for any work you conduct on your house prior to beginning a renovation project. If you’ve hired a contractor, architect, or interior designer, this person may take care of this for you.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that you have your home inspected before you start making any changes. A professional can help you verify that your house is up to code prior to the renovation. However, having a contingency budget in place can help keep your project on track if unexpected things (such as dry rot or termite damage) are found after you begin your project.

As you look to upgrade areas of your home, there is the potential for plenty of mistakes along the way. That being said, you can reduce your chances of delays and finish your project according to plan by recognizing some of the most common slip-ups.

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