Dorm life can be challenging due to the limited amount of space, which some students have to share with another person too. The dorm room is the place where you must rest, relax, but also get college stuff done. Since your environment can affect your mood and productivity, you must learn how to create a study space in a bedroom.

We share with you inspiring ways to add the perfect study desk setup to your dorm room and thus transform it into an ideal space for thinking and working.

How to Create a Study Space in a Dorm Room

If your dorm room is cluttered and disorganized, you’ll find it hard to feel comfortable and cozy while there. Studying would be even more problematic since whenever we fail to separate workspaces from places where we sleep, watch TV shows or eat, our productivity drops significantly. There’s no need to camp in the library while working on your assignments. Just follow our tips to optimize your dorm room for study.

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1. Get a Nice Desk

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Reading or writing in bed will not get you very far in terms of productivity. You need a proper desk to write your essays or coursework and read your textbooks. When you write a paper, have only your laptop on your desk. Whether you research topics, check available essays on literature online, consult free paper examples, or create a draft, your laptop is enough. Anything else is clutter, so always keep only school-related items around for a clean and distraction-free study desk setup.

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2. Create a Smart Layout

How to create a study space in a bedroom if you have certain preferences and habits? The answer is to create a smart layout with all the furniture available. If you prefer to study near a window with light flowing in, set your desk near the window. However, if looking outside distracts you, have your desk facing the wall. A smart study desk space requires you to take into consideration your normal habits.

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3. Install Good Lighting

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Your studying implies a lot of writing and reading, so good lighting can significantly increase your ability to concentrate. A dimly lit bedroom is not suitable for complex mental work. Get a strong overhead light or a good desk lamp to sharpen your focus while writing that literature essay that keeps you all stressed out. When interior designers are asked how to create a study space, they always emphasize good lighting. This also refers to natural light, which is easier on the eyes but can still increase your productivity.

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4. Eliminate Distractions

It’s useless to create the perfect study desk setup if you spend your time at the desk browsing Netflix for new shows. You can use the Internet to research tasks or read a literature essay example, but don’t let online distractions interfere with your studying. You need to work uninterrupted blocks of time for maximum productivity, which is why distractions like the Internet or your smartphone should not stand in your way. Disconnect from your router after finishing your online research and keep your smartphone in a drawer or closet to avoid looking at it.

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5. Keep the Room Clean

While many students are messy, few of them are able to focus properly in messy environments. How to create a study space in a bedroom if your clothes are piled up everywhere, and you cannot find your textbooks? If you don’t keep your dorm room neat and organized, you are sabotaging yourself. Whether you are solving equations or writing essays on literature, your thinking processes are affected by the stimuli in your environment. A clean room is like a breath of fresh air for your mind.

Learning how to create a study space in your dorm room can be the key to years of productivity and academic success. Once you master these tiny details that improve your workflow, you’re more likely to develop good studying habits. Follow our tips and the results will not fail to show immediately.

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