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Many homeowners overlook the backyards of their homes when they could be used as prime attractions, particularly for families. However, even singles and young adults are likely to find favor in having their own private park right outside their back door. With just a few strategic moves, property owners can create backyard environments that effectively add another “room” to a home. Here are some affordable and easy solutions for that backyard flip:

Trellis a Tree

trellis treePixabay

If you have a blank wall facing the backyard, consider training a tree to grow along a trellis affixed to the wall. Known in gardening as an espalier (pronounced ih-SPAL-yey), this is an elegant solution for adding greenery. In addition to being ideal for decorative purposes, it is also a smart play for areas in which space is limited. An espalier will also serve as added insulation for the wall.

Make an Inexpensive Outdoor Sofa

Patio furniture can be expensive, but you can cut down on the number of chairs you need to buy with low-cost cinderblocks, plywood, foam cushioning and outdoor fabric. Stack the blocks against a wall at an appropriate height, depth, and length. Cut the board of plywood to fit, top it with the foam pad (also cut to fit), then cover the pad and plywood in the cloth. Add decorative pillows and you’ve created a backyard sofa for next to no money. This inexpensive addition has a better return on investment rather than other purchases such as fountains and waterfalls which you should avoid.

outdoor furniturePhoto by Dom Pates on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lightsPixabay

White Christmas lights add a touch of class, regardless of the season. Strategically placed along the edge of the house facing the back yard, draped around trees and shrubbery, or even as décor in the centerpiece of a picnic table, the twinkling white lights look festive, elegant and expensive. They also add an extra bit of illumination.

Pavers & Step Stones

Considerably more affordable than laying a cement patio, pavers add color and texture to any backyard treatment. Even though they cost less than a traditional patio, the finished result often looks more expensive. Similarly, if there is a path to the side yard, mark it with step stones. Plant grass between the stones so you can use fewer of them. This is just one of many improvements that will raise your rental property value.

steping stonesPixabay

Hang a Hammock

If you have a relatively secluded corner in the shade, you can place a hammock there to encourage lounging and daydreaming. Make the area, even more, inviting with carefully considered plantings and you’ll have a nice little oasis of tranquility.

outdoor hammockPxhere

Potted Plants

 Strategically placed potted plants give you the flexibility to mix and match, as well as create arrangements to the best effect. Easy to maintain, weeding ceases to be an issue because the main plant usually crowds weeds out. Pots can also be moved around to create different looks. Plants like bamboo that tend to over propagate can be controlled in pots. To add visual interest, use a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

potted plantsPixabay

Other useful tips include installing artificial turf instead of grass for broad expanses of ground. Avoid water features like fountains, as they can be costly to maintain. It’s also a good idea to use plantings native to your area.

All of these cheap backyard flip ideas are easy to implement, require minimal maintenance and can be executed at little cost. Done right, they can make your rental property so enticing your tenants may never want to leave.

Easy and Affordable Solutions for That Backyard Flip was last modified: July 3rd, 2019 by Onerent 

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