As 2019 quickly draws to a close, we find ourselves increasingly thinking about the ways we can make our lives more comfortable at home and how we can rearrange or remodel our living environment to elevate its functionality and aesthetic appeal. That’s great, after all, why shouldn’t you strive to make your home a better place to live, love, and laugh in the new year. However, we mustn’t forget that our actions and decorating decisions can have a big impact on the natural world around us, as well as affect our quality of life, not to mention the family budget.

This is why decorating, renovating, and living in an eco-conscious way should be one of your priorities for the new year. From eco-friendly roofing options, all the way down to your water consumption habits, there are many wonderful things you can do to create a greener home. Here’s what you need to know.

Research the most ethical brands

Let’s start with a resolution that will not only reshape your mindset and influence your buying decisions in a positive way, but also enrich your home with eco-friendly and ethical décor. Modern consumerism is all about convenience, no matter the cost or the heavy toll that manufacturing and transportation take on the environment, as well as the exploited. Needless to say, you want no part in that, and while there are some steps you can take to bring down those nefarious corporations, your focus should actually be on supporting and buying from ethical brands.

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Naturally, this takes some research. Start with a simple Google search and check out some top lists of the most ethical brands on the market right now. After that, you can delve a bit deeper and go on relevant forums and social media platforms to see what other customers have to say. Sometimes, you will discover that a brand claims it’s ethical, but in fact sources the materials for its products from other unethical companies. This type of research will allow you to discover truly ethical brands for your décor and lifestyle.

Make your bathroom and kitchen eco-friendlier

eco friendly bathroom

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When it comes to making some concrete changes in your home, you should start with the most wasteful rooms in any household – the bathroom and the kitchen. In the bathroom, water is that all-too-precious resource that gets wasted when family members take long steaming showers, or when they simply forget to turn the tap off when brushing their teeth. If you remodel your bathroom to become eco-friendlier, though, these bad habits can make less of an impact, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to change them as well.

Aside from the bathroom, the kitchen is probably the most wasteful room in your home, and now’s just the right time to make some positive changes. The best thing you can do is to swap out those old appliances for their contemporary, energy-efficient models. What’s more, you can introduce a couple of green habits, such as hand-washing the dishes instead of using the dishwasher and dialing down the refrigerator.

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Partake in green initiatives at home

One of the biggest and most meaningful changes you can make in your home and your life, in general, is to simply follow the government-prescribed guidelines on ethical and eco-conscious living. We live in an age when the environmental cause has become one of the most important causes in the world, and governments from around the world are instituting green policies and laws to help citizens safeguard the environment. Take China as a prime example.

For decades, China has been one of the world’s leading polluters, but with the new government initiatives, citizens and companies have reduced the pollution in China significantly in recent years. The Chinese government is winning the war on pollution with green initiatives (but also with hefty fines for pollution-related offenses) with the help of the people, so be sure to research the guidelines for green living in your own country, and contribute to the cause in the new year. Your budget and the environment will thank you.

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Buy pre-loved items

second hand furniture

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Modern consumerism wants you to buy everything new. But do you really need to own a brand-new sofa, or a brand-new TV if you can find one that works perfectly for a fraction of its original price? Of course not, because true eco-friendly homes thrive on the pre-loved culture. There are entire communities in the online world that trade all kinds of pre-loved stuff that not only looks good, but is also in excellent shape, so before you buy a new armchair next year, be sure to check if someone is giving one away.

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Invest in smart devices

smart home

And finally, it pays to make your home smarter. Smart technology has become an inextricable part of the modern lifestyle, but beyond the obvious convenience factor it brings to the table, it also makes your home and your life functional and eco-friendlier. You can invest in smart gadgets and appliances, smart thermostats, and even smart lighting to conserve energy as much as possible. Connect everything to your smartphone and stay in control of your spending no matter where you are.

There’s nothing quite like the rewarding feeling of knowing that your actions are making a positive change. Now that environmentalism is more important than ever before, it’s time to make a conscious decision to adopt eco-friendly habits and create an ethical living environment come the new year.

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