Herringbone and chevron patterns sit at the intersection of interesting and elegant – they add pizazz to a space, without being “too much.” Herringbone is said to resemble the layout of bones in a fish such as a herring. Chevron is essentially a series of Vs in a row, commonly referred to as a zig-zag pattern, and is a very popular way to up the wow factor of any room. From better-than-the-norm wood floors to bathroom tiles and super-cool cabinets, these classic geometric designs bring a healthy dose of visual interest to these eight rooms. 

herringbone design

Image source: by Dominiek Frees on Flickr

herringbone flooring

Image source: Max Pixel

chevron tile

Image source: by Arto Brick on Flickr

hardwood flooring

Image source: Pxhere

herringbone tile pattern

Image source: by Callie Reed on Flickr

fishbone pattern

Image source: by Emily May on Flickr

herringbone pattern

Image source: Pxhere


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