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Having your own home is a dream come true, and the majority of new homeowners just can’t wait to move in. Unfortunately, there are some things you might want to do before moving into a new house. Depending on the state of your new property and amount of work regarding the packing and moving, it can be a while before you spend the first night in your new bedroom. That’s why this advice is perfect to speed up that process and move you into your new home much faster while solving all the burning issues.

1.    Take care of your subscriptions

Quickly after you buy your new property, make a list of all your subscriptions and cancel them or give them the change of address. That way you’ll make sure that all your mail and magazines don’t get lost in the process, or that new owner doesn’t get spammed with your subscriptions. This is the perfect time to inform financial institutions and other official authorities of the change of address so they can send you bills and forms. Also, make sure that your new mailbox is in place at your new home, or that at least you wrote your name on the old one for the time being.

2.    Packing your things

Make a plan or a strategy how you’re going to pack because that will save time and resources at your disposal. The best way you can go about this is to categorize your belongings in piles by what you’ll throw away, sell, take or donate. This will help you have insights in the moving costs and what you need to additionally buy for your new home. Not to mention that this might be a perfect opportunity to get rid of some old things and buy new ones, or do long overdue repairs of your furniture.

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3.    Works on your new place

handyman doing home repairsImage by fran1 from Pixabay CC0

The new home is rarely without the need for some repairs and renovations, so you’ll probably have to deal with this too before moving in. The first thing you should do is change the locks. Then, call handymen to take a look at the installations and give you the estimate of works and costs. You can also hire an interior designer or a studio to completely handle all the works in agreement with you. It all depends on the time and resources you have as well as the amount of work necessary to create functional and safe home to live in.

4.    Cleaning and decluttering

Cleaning up will probably be the most exhausting tasks of them all when it comes to moving in and out. You will have to clean both places and that can be quite a job when you’re in the middle of packing and arranging your new life. The best thing you can do is give yourself a break by hiring Your Mates bond cleaning services or other reliable agency, so you’ll have only one place to take care of in the end. It might also be a great idea to use the cleaning service for your new apartment if renovations were too extensive since the construction dirt and dust can be a real challenge.

5.    Meet your new neighbors

Don’t wait to move in before meeting you neighbors, but actually do it after you find out how much work is necessary to organize your new home. Meeting them so soon is actually polite and neighborly since the noise from home renovations and repairs can be a nuisance and last for days, so you might want to clear the air about that and show you mean well. Additionally, meeting your neighbors can also help you with getting to know your neighborhood and institutions surrounding it like schools and kindergartens, parks, theatres and coffee shops and of course stores.

6.    Let your kids and pets meet the new home

Cute Boy and DogImage by Emmanouel from Pixabay CC0

Moving can be especially hard for pets and kids since a change of the environment is something they have to gradually get used to. So consider taking them with you to the new place, showing them around, walk them around the neighborhood and in the park. Let them see and feel the future space, and be comfortable in it. When it comes to kids, take them to play with other children on the playground, and to see the new kindergarten or school. That way they’ll be less stressed about moving and changing their surroundings. Make sure they understand what is going on and all the benefits and positive aspects of moving into a new house.

In the end

Moving into a new home is stressful and rewarding at the same time, but if you organize yourself well and plan all the activities it includes, you may be reducing the stress level considerably. Always know your budget before doing anything, since money is the number one stressor in all things and so is in this. And never forget to include your partner or loved ones in your decisions, especially when it comes to getting rid of things because they will be more objective and realistic than you. And in the end, don’t forget to celebrate acquiring your new home. After all, it’s a joyous moment in your life.

Essential Things to Do Before Moving into a New House was last modified: March 27th, 2020 by Leila Dorari

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