Over the years, exposed aggregate concrete has gained much popularity. You must have heard of surface concrete; well-exposed concrete is the decorative structure of surface concrete. You would mostly find these types of concrete on footpaths, patios, and roads.

It has an artistic touch to it and it looks beautiful more because of its appearance. It is a mixture of pebble, sand, and stones. This can be used to portray different designs and styles of patterns. Moreover, the cost is reasonable too and the varieties are in abundance.

Where and Why is Exposed Aggregate Concrete Used

One can figure out exposed aggregate concrete by looking at its exposed structure. People tend to be confused regarding the application and uses of such concretes. There are few interesting facts you must know before you consider applying these concretes in your house.

  • The first question that arises is where to use them. Well, exposed concretes can be applied in places like a driveway, footpaths, patios, parks, etc. Moreover, exposed concretes can also be used on the walls.
agregate concrete
  • The second question is to why to use exposed aggregate concrete. The answer is, such concretes are durable in nature and can withstand any type of weather conditions. For outdoor implementation, concretes which are strong are very important because the concretes that are used in driveways, for example, have to withstand the movement of automobiles. These concretes are used because of their slip-resistant property. Cars or bicycles that are being driven over them won’t slip because of its coarse texture. You would find these concretes being used for swimming pool flooring.

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Placement of exposed concretes can only be done by professionals. Failing to implement these concretes can result in the damage to the roads and sidewalks. If gaps are left in between the concretes, water might go inside causing further damage. The concretes are kept in position via sealing. Sealing also protects the outward appearance of the concretes.

Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

A stunning exposed aggregate concrete driveway is a dream for many. The coarse texture can be achieved by extracting the upper layer of the concrete. Exposed concretes are used because of its various benefits:

  • Needless to say, the reason behind the popularity is because of its durable nature. Everyone goes for investments that would provide them with a longer warranty. As it has been formed from concrete, the durability lasts for over forty years.
  • Exposed concretes come in various colors and textures. This is one of the main reasons for it being so popular. You would definitely want to go for flooring that would not be dull and gloomy. This concrete comes in so many variations that you could actually mix and match the interiors of your house to that of the concretes. The textures of the concrete are based upon the size of stone you want.
  • Exposed concretes have low maintenance. Who doesn’t want to go for options that require less maintenance? The only mode of cleaning is to wipe the concrete surfaces with water once a week. The shine of the concrete can be protected via sealing. You have to reseal after every three to four years.
  • Exposed concretes are resistant to skidding. It’s uneven and coarse surface protects vehicles from skidding during snowfall or rainy season.

The floors of exposed aggregate concrete can be created in three ways – the monolithic method, the seeded method, and the overlay method. With the help of these three methods, you can create fine exposed concretes for your house.

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