Today, most homeowners, looking to create an elegant space, opt for stylish false ceiling designs for living room. After all, a room should have a beautiful appearance from all angles, and that living room designs and decor should give equal importance to ceilings. No wonder, false ceiling ideas are increasingly becoming popular.

Apart from having aesthetics value, false ceilings have certain advantages too. They can help conserve energy by reducing the need for air conditioning. Moreover, they can help to reduce noise to the floor above due to the extra layer of material. 

Of course, the trick is to plan ceilings and install them well. Keep in mind that this type of installation requires precision in design and calculation. It must only be put in place by a ceiling expert. 

To inspire you to create the best room decor, we have some wonderful tips and false ceiling design ideas for living rooms.

Know how much it will cost for a false ceiling

false ceiling design

The average false ceiling price for a 10’x12’ room is around $1,680. While the typical false ceiling cost range is $1,018 to $2,358, it can go as high as $4,050 for high-end ceilings. The total cost depends on the false ceiling material, its quality, the total square footage of the room, the ceiling design, and the labor costs. 

Find out if you need a building permit 

Although you probably don’t require a permit for false ceiling installation, it’s always a good idea to check your local codes. Most building codes require a minimum amount of space between the existing ceiling and the new false one. Keep in mind that if you’re also adding living room lighting, vents, or a heating system, you will need the services of an electrical or HVAC contractor.

Get the right false ceiling material

false ceiling materials

If you’re wondering which false ceiling is best for your home, there are various types of false ceiling materials available. These include plaster of Paris (POP) ceiling designs, gypsum ceilings, wood false ceilings, fiber false ceilings, glass false ceilings, metallic false ceilings, and PVC false ceilings. 

Gypsum boards and plaster of Paris ceilings are two of the most commonly used materials. In fact, hydrated sulfate of calcium or gypsum is one of the best false ceiling materials; it’s lightweight, fire-resistant, durable, sound-insulated, and inexpensive.

Consider your living space

A false ceiling makes your home interior design look chic. Choose a simple false ceiling design if that’s your style. Or, opt for geometrical lines and curves for your modern ceiling. Or, get moldings and columns for more traditional ceiling design. Also ensure that you blend the home decor with the right colors, furniture, and living room lighting. Most importantly, make sure that you don’t go wrong with your false ceiling’s proportions and dimensions. 

Know your false ceiling designs

Before installing your false ceiling, it’s important to decide the best ceiling design. For instance, one of the most popular false ceiling designs for living room is a dropped, undulating ceiling with recessed lights. Such a style lends drama to your drawing-room. You can even opt for intricate texturing and contours that make for interesting focal points. 

Choose the right ceiling colors

living room ceiling

The color of your living room’s false ceiling can make a huge difference to your room decor. While dark-colored false ceilings lend a regal touch, they do make space appear smaller. Light colors go best with small rooms. And, do be mindful of the paint finish. Whether matte or gloss, you can choose a sheen that works well with your living room’s interiors.

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Install the ceiling shape that would suit the room

When it comes to a living room, rectangular shapes are the most popular. As are circular ceilings. While curves and circles add a softness to the overall look and are more suitable for traditionally designed homes, geometric designs are best for modern as well as minimalist homes

False ceiling pros and cons

If you’re still wondering whether or not to install a false ceiling, here are a few pros and cons that will help you decide once and for all.

False ceiling advantages False ceiling disadvantages
Offers great acousticsRequires professional installation
Ideal for living rooms, home theaters, and AV roomsReduces the height of a room
Perfectly hides wires, plumbing pipes and indirect lightingNot meant for low-ceilinged rooms
Has a long life of 15 to 20 yearsRequires frequent maintenance 
Insulates the room and helps save on energy bills
Brings proportion to a room

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Last words 

Your home is a reflection of your personal style. Everything, from the walls to the ceiling, rooms, and designed bedrooms, has to be in sync with your personality. Neglecting your ceiling will make the room look in-cohesive and scattered. When installing a false ceiling, ensure that it blends with the decor. Trust us, the right kind of ceiling will bring out your home’s best features. 

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