Your entry door is the focal point of your home — it attracts direct views from the street and offers that first line of protection plus privacy. Hence, the door that guards your entrance needs to excel in three departments — appearance, endurance, and security. Now, previously, when we spoke of entry doors, one major material popped up immediately — wood. But now, there are other types that offer equal competition — namely steel and fiberglass exterior doors. And today, we shall try to take up the latter — where we will decipher the various myths surrounding this category of doors. So, let us begin!

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Are Fibreglass Doors Any Good?

The market for fiberglass doors has changed tremendously over the years. Moreover, they hold several advantages in terms of endurance, durability, maintenance, customization, and appearance. Recent technology has made it possible to curate fiberglass exterior doors to resemble real wood. Manufacturers can now even create such doors to replicate the grain structure of authentic mahogany or oak. Trust us, the texture, look and feel resemble actual wood so much that even pros can’t differentiate unless they take a closer look!

Let’s explore this in further detail in the following sections by comparing fiberglass doors with their counterparts.

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Are Fiberglass Exterior Doors Better than Wood?

Wood looks beautiful, classy, and evergreen — no doubt! But one of the major disadvantages of the wooden variant is that they warp and twist over time because they absorb moisture — both in humid and cold, snow-prone regions. This is certainly not the case with fiberglass doors.

Next, wooden doors need regular maintenance — such as repeated refinishing and protection against destructive elements. However, fiberglass doors require minimal upkeep and care. Even in terms of cost, they are cheaper than high-end oak or mahogany. However, they might crack or dent under heavy impact, which is a con as compared to wooden doors — that offer maximum resistance to wear and tear.

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What’s Better Steel Door or Fiberglass?

Steel doors are obviously much cheaper than their fiberglass cousins. However, do note that they are prone to frequent dents and corrosion by rust — although they demand minimum maintenance. Additionally, they don’t ensure resistance against harsh weather conditions — such as torrential rain or heavy storms — like fiberglass doors. Steel is a bad insulator; so you can expect your home to be quite hot during summers and extremely cold during winters.

One advantage of steel variants is that they offer homeowners maximum security when used on the entryway — as compared to other door variants. But again, we are not speaking of the thin steel variant here. Only the thicker, stronger categories come with this benefit.

Now that you know the pros and cons of a fiberglass entry door — when weighed against wooden or steel variants — you can decide if you want to buy one for your home. And if you do, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

What Are The Factors You Need To Consider When Buying Fiberglass Exterior Doors?

fiberglass doors



As we already mentioned, fiberglass doors arrive in different styles, some completely mimicking the wood grain texture of authentic and high-end oak, fir, cherry, and mahogany. You can also find them in a gamut of stain types and paint color shades. Not only this but this door category offers a wide range of choices in terms of door glass — such as decorative glass panels — which raise your curb appeal manifold. As a homeowner, you can even customize the dimensions and design of the door according to your property’s layout.


Fiberglass exterior doors are built for endurance. Hence, check the warranty. Note if it comes with lifetime warranty, which shall ensure that the door will last throughout your house ownership tenure. Also, check the warranty on the paint and stain finishes.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass units are designed for maximum energy efficiency — so that they keep out heat and cold from your home. Therefore, check if they are Energy Star certified. Also, note the energy certification on the glass used — if your models arrive with glass panels.


The cost of your entry door will depend mainly on the glass and hardware used.  If you buy a door that has been assembled using reinforced fiberglass panels, full-length stiles, and water-resistant seals, it will obviously be expensive — but will save you money in the long run. Other cost factors include finish levels and installation procedures. Maintenance costs involve regular sealing and staining processes. Take note of all the figures above and arrive at a decision.

If your budget is not a concern, we shall definitely recommend you to go for fiberglass exterior doors. They offer the ultimate combo of superior performance, extreme durability, great value, and maximum security.

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